Season 6 E 8 • 29/01/2008

There are no losers allowed in Lacey Land. Birthday girl Lacey Myers from Ashland, Ohio makes it clear that her world is only for the young, rich and fabulous. Those lucky enough to meet Lacey's approval will be invited to her Fantasy themed birthday party at Landolls Mohican Castle, where Lacey says "Disneyland meets me." This fairytale castle will soon be transformed into a circus/swanky dance club: Lacey Land. As Lacey begins to plan the basics of her party, such as playing with tigers, riding elephants, and carnival games, Gary, her party planner, insists that the "open checkbook policy" is implemented. All Daddy's little girl has to do is flash a sparkling smile and her parents give their nod of approval. Not that they had a choice to begin with; as Lacey's dad says, "it's you're world, we're just living in it." Every great party comes with extravagant invitations. Lacey takes it a step further. As she is carried by men in costumes into a crowd of her anxious friends, a helicopter flies overhead, dropping a mysterious bag of keys. It turns out that these keys open treasure chests, which contain invitations written on old-fashioned scrolls. After delivering the invitations, it's time to go costume shopping. Lacey tries on several outfits, some risqué and some just ridiculous, and finally decides on a sparkly silver showgirl bikini, accented by a white feathered headpiece. The next step is decorating Lacey Land. Lacey decides that in addition to the circus decorations, Lacey Land should be plastered with, (what else?), sexy photos of herself. Apparently, Ashland Ohio isn't sexy enough to photograph this princess, so Lacey flies to a beach in Florida to do the shoot. She only hesitates for a moment when photographers hand her a 20-foot python to take the pictures with. The final errand before the party is a quick trip to Las Vegas, where Lacey's mom casually shells out $5,200 for her dance party dress. Finally on the big day, Lacey is getting nervous because she can't find Gary, who has her costume. At the last minute, Gary appears with bad news: he wants to change Lacey's showgirl costume. Lacey protests, ignoring Gary's reasoning that her costume is too short to ride an elephant in, which is how Lacey planned on making her grand entrance. Lacey crosses her fingers and makes her entrance, facing only a minor dilemma when her large headpiece gets caught on a fake tree branch. Luckily, Lacey manages to maneuver around the branch without falling out of her costume, or off the elephant. After some tiger shows and carnival games, Lacey's dad appears with yet another surprise: a silver range rover. This gift should be the ending to the perfect party. But this is Lacey Land and the fun's not over yet. The guests are moved inside to a dance party, where a pink, six-layer cake is brought out. Finally, the party guests are chauffeured by trolley from the castle of Lacey Land, and Lacey drives away in her new Range Rover. Judging by the smiles on everyone's faces, this was even better than the typical Fairy Tale ending.