MTV Music Video Submission Guidelines

VIMN reserves the right to make changes to these delivery guidelines and will endeavour to inform you of such changes.


MTV Australia and New Zealand (“MTV”) accepts music video deliveries from Adstream and Dubsat.

We also accept download links sent to from Dropbox, WeTransfer, Aspera Fastpex, Hightail, and other such file deliverylinks.

In ALL instances, an email should be sent to outlining your intended submission.


Please deliver all HD video using Apple Pro Res 422 HQ 1080 50i codec at 25 frames per second.

If the video can only be delivered in SD, please use IMX50 625/50 in a 16:9 widescreen frame at 25 frames per second.

  1. Send a broadcast copy of your video and press release (if available) to MTV via any one of the accepted delivery methods
  2. Complete a Video Submission Form
  • The information you provide on the submission form must be complete & correct.
  • Accuracy when completing the form is vital, the onscreen clip titling will appear on air as it is entered on the submission form (including spelling, abbreviations and punctuation, featuring artistetc.)
  • This information is also used for reporting purposes to various collecting societies.
  • Any EMBARGO details must be communicated to the programming team in the initial submission email. Otherwise, MTV shall be entitled to play the video on receipt.


If you hold Worldwide rights to your video, please do not limit the Territory to the Australia & NZ - please select Worldwide, therefore giving all MTV territories permission to play the video shouldthey wish. Programming teams in each region will liaise with their local label contacts to ensure they play videos in line with their local release plans and do not jeopardise any local embargoes.

Once your video file is received by MTV it will viewed by our programming team who will give it the appropriate broadcasting classification (G / PG / M / MA15+ or 16).

In order to give your video as much support as possible your video may require an edit (our New Zealand channels require clean videos between 6am and 6pm). MTV may deem it necessary to reformat or edit, atno cost to you. An edit or reformat will only be made where it does not adversely affect the quality of the music video.

ALL submissions are subject to MTV’s Music Video Submission Terms and Conditions.

TUESDAY 11:00 - Playlist Meeting

  • Only video submission forms submitted by 9am on Tuesdays will be considered in the next playlist meeting.
  • Due to the number of videos submitted each week unfortunately it may not always be possible to give feedback on each submission, but we will endeavour to do so if we can.

THURSDAY 12:00 - Playlist Published

SATURDAY 06:00 - New Playlist Rotations Begin

  • Videos submitted and processed early can begin to receive spot play before this time, without having been play listed.
  • Any videos delivered after 9am each Tuesday will be considered at the following playlist meeting.