Cole Sprouse Gave Dylan Sprouse A Dick Pic For Christmas

Well, kinda.

Finding the perfect gift for someone can turn into a sweat-inducing scavenger hunt at your local mall pretty quickly, no matter how well you know the person you're shopping for.

You'd think that twins would have a psychically closer connection and would therefore have an advantage when it comes to Christmas shopping, but apparently, Cole Sprouse didn't feel this when he found this anatomical chart and wrapped it up for Dylan Sprouse before putting it under the tree. Or he did, and simply thought an diagram of a bisected penis would make Dylan's whole holiday.

The Riverdale star presented his brother with a vintage anatomical rendering of the male reproductive organ for Christmas, thinking it would be an ideal addition to his study.

Does Dylan even have a study? You'd assume so given how naturally he's taken to playing a terrifyingly driven student in Dismissed, but I digress. It's the thought that counts at the end of the day, and at the very least, it seems like Cole got a laugh out of his brother on Christmas, which is a gift in and of itself.

- Hilary Hughes

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