Don't Call Gaz Beadle 'Boring' Now He's A Dad, He'll Come For You

Perfect reply Gaz!

This week former Geordie Shore lad Gaz Beadle took to Instagram to give fans an insight into what a typical night in the Beadle-McVey household looks like. Watch Gaz's adjustment to fatherhood above!

And while there was no shortage of fans who were absolutely loving the candid video of his evening with Emma McVey and baby Chester, a few trolls were on the loose.


Fortunately, Gaz isn't one to let the nay-sayers get him down, and he had the best response when a fan accused him of being 'boring'.

"You became so boring," wrote the troll, which prompted Gaz's incredible response: "well I didn't nothing boring about being a daddy might not go out 6 nights a week but realised there is more to life (sic)," he began.

"Loving having a new challenge and doing new things," he concluded his response.

Yaas Gaz! Kill 'em with kindness. 

How anyone can accuse the lad who got up to all kinds of radgie antics over 16 seasons of Geordie Shore boring, we're not sure. And we must say we're enjoying his new father-son escapades just as much.

Fortunately, there was one thing in the video that was met with nothing but praise, and that's Emma's fitness motivation. We're seriously impressed with those crunches hun.

"Yes Emma!!! Inspiration 👏🏽🙌🏽," wrote one fan as another added: "Now that’s commitment. Well done Emma! I wish I had your motivation!"

"I wish I had Emma’s energy," wrote a third person while a fourth added: "I love how she is doing it in her slippers!!"

Get it gurllll!

- Rachel Davies-Day

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