Kourtney Kardashian Is Now In Love With Travis Barker & Who Are We To Object

According to an Instagram post, Kourtney Kardashian is in love with Travis Barker, from – and we can’t stress this enough – Blink-182.

Here's the situation: Kourtney Kardashian is apparently in love with none other than Travis Barker. Cross that one off your flaming 2021 bingo card, I guess.

Travis made the situation abundantly clear when he posted a photo to an Instagram story that featured the words "I love you". And to be fair, Travis could've written this to himself. Except, it apparently matches one of Kourt's earlier love letters, which reads in the same distinct scrawl: "To lots of fun adventures, may we destroy each other completely". Travis also paid tribute to Kourtney's sentiment in a cryptic tweet, eliciting replies ranging from "so true bestie" to "are you ok?"

We first heard about this chaotic romance in January 2021, and we can't help but be fascinated by each and every development. I mean, a stalwart of early 2000s emo culture joining forces with the Kardashian family? What does it all mean?!

Meanwhile, Kourtney's ex, Scott Disick, has also found new love. Here's a photo of him posing with a stunning air purifier. (Oh, the father-of-three reportedly has a 19-year-old girlfriend, too.) We wish all of them the best.

Written by Reena Gupta, a Melbourne-based writer for MTV Australia. Follow her on Twitter @purpletank.

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