Kylie Minogue's New Single Will Leave You Believing In 'Magic' – Even In 2020

The undisputed Aussie Queen of pop is back with signature Kylie Minogue magic.

The undisputed Aussie Queen of pop is back with signature Kylie Minogue magic.

If there’s anyone that we needed to return in 2020, it was Australian icon and music legend Kylie Minogue. There’s refined grace and twinkle-in-the-eye optimism in everything she does that makes things feel OK, if only for a moment. Her upcoming studio album DISCO has been described by Minogue as pure escapist pop, and with her second single “Magic”, Kylie has once again delivered on her promise.

With a PhD-produced-beat that struts effortlessly from start to finish, Minogue invites you to open your mind and your heart to believe that there can be solace amongst tragedy. She grabs you by the hand, whether you want to or not, and forces you to breathe in, take a look at the stars and dance. “Magic” is initially sprinkled with punchy horns that elevate the soaring feel of it, with a full barrage of brass giving fireworks for the song’s closure. Minogue’s voice gets higher and higher, lifted by the waltz of brass and string that leaves you twitching in euphoria. 

Now, while “Magic” has its strengths, it does fall short of the absolute masterpiece that is DISCO’s lead single “Say Something” – one of the best tracks Minogue has ever released. Where “Say Something” levitates so high that you can’t even think of the hellscape below, “Magic” has a punchiness that – for better or worse – has you on edge. Perhaps it’s intentional, just to remind us that magic can be found in the bleakest moments, but it isn’t as escapist as its predecessor.

In any case, “Magic” sees Minogue two for two in 2020. She dares you to believe in magic, and once you’re done listening, even the staunchest of sceptics will have to concede that magic does exist – all it takes is for Kylie Minogue to sing. 

Watch Kylie Minogue's new music video, "Magic", below.

Main Image Credit: YouTube, Kylie Minogue "Magic"

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