Kourtney Kardashian Has Given Travis Barker A Tattoo & You’re Now Stuck With That Information

I continue to yearn for simpler times.

It’s been a few weeks since we suggested Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s well-documented romance might be getting a little too documented. I mean, it all started out quite tastefully: a glimpse of a handwritten note. An odd, cryptic tweet.

But then things got weird. We’re not certain of the exact turning point, but I’d say Travis sharing a thumb sucking video as a tribute to Kourtney’s 42nd birthday was likely it.

It was then that I became weary. I shook my fist at Zuckerberg. I yearned for simpler times.

And having heard that Kourtney gave a tattoo to Travis this week, I’m sorry to report that my feelings remain unchanged. “A woman of many talents,” Travis himself commented, something he definitely could have told her in person.

Interestingly, their exes seem to be getting weary too. “I’m very much over my ex. It’s been a long time” says Shanna Maokler, who shares three children with Travis. However, do I think some of the PDA that he’s doing with her is weird? [Yes],” she conceded.

Meanwhile, Scott Disick isn’t really talking to Kourtney right now, according to a report. "Scott and Kourtney have a tense relationship right now primarily because he's been focusing on his new life in Miami and because of Kourtney getting serious with Travis," an overexcited individual blurted out to E! News. "It's hard for him to see Kourtney in love with someone else."

It’s hard for me too, Scott Disick. It’s hard for everyone.

Written by Reena Gupta, a Melbourne-based writer for MTV Australia. Follow her on Twitter at @purpletank.

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