South Park’s 20th Anniversary Season Airs In NZ Tonight!

We've compiled a list of our favourite Kiwi guest appearances.

We've been waiting almost a year for new episodes and the day has finally arrived, South Park’s 20th Anniversary Season Airs In NZ Tonight!

The show's been renewed for three more seasons so we will be blessed with more comedy gold right until 2019 (hopefully longer).

To celebrate we have compiled a list of some of our favourite Kiwi guest appearances and mentions...


Lorde was Randy Marsh's alter-ego during Season Eighteen's episode's 'Gluten Free Ebola', 'The Cissy', 'Handicar', 'Freemium Isn't Free', and '#REHASH'.  Randy's image was marketed as a 17 year old girl from New Zealand but in reality he was a 45 year old geologist in Colorado. The singer's appearance in the show alluded to the many headlines which ridiculously accused her of actually being an older woman.

Aussie singer Sia, has since confirmed she recorded the song 'Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)', which featured on one of the episodes.

Lorde took it all in her stride though.

Russel Crowe

'The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer', saw the show's creators depicting the actor's real life altercations, the kiwi was mocked for his somewhat volatile temper and his role in 'Gladiator' during the 5th episode of season 6.  Russel Crowe has had a fair amount of controversy since he first began acting, which didn’t escape Trey Parker’s watchful eyes.

Lord Of The Rings

Titled 'The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers' the episode parodied the popular franchise directed by Peter Jackson. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny went on a mission to 'Return "The Lord of the Rings" to the Two Towers Video Store in Conifer'. But it was no ordinary copy. Butters, the evil sixth graders, and their parents all tried to steal the tape.

Minnie Driver

Famed for her roles in 'Tarzan' and 'Good Will Hunting', the NZ actress voiced the role of Brooke Shields in the episode 'Bigger, Longer & Uncut'. 

Catch South Park's brand new episode at 9pm tonight on Comedy Central!


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