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How To Watch ‘South Park’ In Australia

The perennially mischievous minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone have given us ‘South Park’. Here’s how to watch it in Australia.

If you've been binging seasons upon seasons of serious drama shows, and need a little comedy relief, maybe it's time to take a trip to South Park. The beauty of South Park lies in its crass, dark brand of satire and comedy. So if there's one show that we'd completely trust to make a mockery of the dumpster fires of 2020 and 2021, it's South Park.

The newer 2021 South Park episodes critique and parody current issues, including the brand new pandemic special. The show absolutely nails its reflections on current events; even watching the older episodes feels like a peek into what discussions were happening in society at that time.

For 2021’s season 24; subject matter has included, naturally, COVID-19, the vaccination rollout, the perils of QAnon and way more.

This iconic Comedy Central show has a cult following for a reason. We’ve followed Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle since 1997, having released a whopping 309 episodes across 24 seasons. Now, enough of all that, how can you sink your teeth into this brilliant cartoon?

Where can I watch 'South Park' in Australia?

Comedy Central is the home of South Park in Australia, with new episodes dropping on the Fetch channel regularly (schedule here). You're able to buy a season 24 pass for access to every South Park episode as it drops from Google Play. Or, you can download episodes on Apple TV.

Where can I stream the 'South Park' Pandemic Special?

The South Park Pandemic Special is available to download and watch on both Google Play and Apple TV.

Which 'South Park' seasons are on Google Play and Apple TV?

All of them! You can download any episode across South Park's 24 seasons on Google Play or Apple TV. Get acquainted with the characters all the way back in 1997, and can catch their adventures all the way through to this year.

What are the best 'South Park' episodes to watch?

Tough question. Obviously there are brilliant episodes across every season. Check out our favourite South Park celebrity parodies and New Zealand guest appearances to help you find some killer moments. A recent favourite for us has to be the 2021 vaccination special, too.

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