The real reason 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy!

The rapper is worth millions, so what's the deal?...

Multi-millionaire rapper and entrepreneur Curtis James Jackson III (A.K.A 50 Cent) has filed for bankruptcy, but it’s not because he’s running low on the cash flow.

Fiddy reportedly filed the documents on Monday, a mere three days after he was ordered to pay $5 Million in damages to Lavonia Leviston over a sex tape scandal.

Apparently the G-Unit rapper had obtained an X-rated film of Lavonia and her boyfriend, did some creative editing and uploaded it online without her permission. All in an effort to get back at rival Rick Ross who’s Lavonia’s baby daddy.

What a head f*ck!

50 maintains he didn’t post the video, but the verdict was not in his favour, hence claiming bankruptcy to avoid ponying up the dough!

According to TMZ, Curtis jackson’s assets are valued anywhere from $10 Million - $50 Million but has an almost equal amount of debt to pay.

The Get Rich or Die Trying rapper will have to provide a proof of worth and income to the jury.

Watch this space! 

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