We Spoke To A Media Pro On How To Land Your Dream Job


MTV have partnered with REST Industry Super to prove that when it comes to your first job, sticking with it has its rewards.

The idea of finishing uni can be pretty daunting and with that comes a lot of questions. Where do I want to work? Where can I get a job? HOW do I get the perfect job? Does the ~perfect~ job even exist? WHY DO I HAVE PIZZA STUCK TO MY FACE?

If you've always dreamed of working in the media industry but haven't a clue where to begin your career then don't worry, you're not the only one.

Fear not because we wanna help ya get all your ducks in a line before you head out into the big bad world. We sat down with a digital media pro and all-round legend, Rebecca Preuss, the editor of MTV.com.au to get some tips on entering the world of entertainment and celebrities. And sure, we might be a tad biased but we reckon she knows a thing or two about landing your dream media job. Oh and, she's pretty great at rubbing shoulders with the A-list celebs of this world.

1. How did you get started in the media industry?

I started interning wherever I could; first in magazines and then for a boutique PR Agency before landing my internship at MTV Australia and working my way up to the position I have here now.

2. What do you think gave you the edge over other candidates vying for your current position?

I did my research and saw opportunities where the strategy could develop and evolve. I was pro-active in coming to my final interview with some creative top line ideas. I think if you show that you’ve looked at the business and identified where you can add value, you can’t lose! 

3. What would you tell people to avoid doing in an interview?

Always avoid predictable, boring answers when asked standard interview questions. For example, the whole ‘I’m a perfectionist’ answer for ‘what are your weaknesses?’ Should be a no-go. Use your interview to really showcase how unique you are. Your homework and preparation can only take you so far, make sure you’re also a good cultural fit. 

4. How important is it to have a cracking cover letter? Any tips?

Very important. They key to the cover letter is: DO NOT reiterate your resume. It’s a common mistake for people to just condense or re-write your resume. Your cover letter should be about selling what skills you have that apply directly to the role. It needs to be personalised for each application and make it interesting. On that, your resume should never be longer than two pages!

5. What kind of person thrives in the media industry?

Someone who is passionate, creative and driven. Despite some great perks, there will always be some very long hours so you need to be keen enough to put in the hard yards.

6. What advice do you have for uni students wanting to get into the media industry?

Learn from everyone around you and make yourself as valuable as possible. 

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