Angie Kent Is Sorry For Not Booting Ciarran Stott & Timm Hanly Off 'Bachelorette' Sooner

At it again.

Someone get Angie Kent some more bin bags because she's back at it again with the trashing of her Bachelorette contenders, this time singling out Ciarran Stott and “his hype man” Timm Hanly.

It all began when Instagram account @BachieFunny shared a meme showing a scene from Mean Girls in which teacher Ms Norbury asks students whether they’ve ever felt personally victimised by Regina George. ‘Who here has ever had feelings for Ciarran Stott?’, the meme read. The students, all with their hands raised, had been edited to show faces of the women from Bachelor In Paradise... plus hers and Osher Gunsberg's.

Angie commented: “Sorry Straya’ ! If I knew sooner I would’ve sent him and his hype man home second episode when I sent old mate Politician home, because NO ONE fucks with my sister hood.” Adding: “Sorry that at some point we were victimised by Regina George.”

The post had prompted three such "victims", Kiki Morris, Abbie Chatfield and Renee Barrett, all of whom dated Ciarran, to come forward. Kiki wrote "hahahah", Abbie emoji-ed some hand praises and Renee penned “dead” with some laughing emojis.

Angie's digs first began last month when the 30-year-old shared on her Instagram Stories a video of her and her wine with a caption calling out the six dudes she’d once called her a 'boyfriend' who’d now washed up in Fiji.

“Me sitting here knowing that 98% of the fellas from my season were casted and only there to get onto BiP. This season should have been renamed ‘98% from Angie’s Season of Bachelorette, in Paradise’… Love that for me,” she’d written.

Meanwhile, we're sitting here, selfishly loving all of this for us.

Main Image Credit: Instagram & Network Ten

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