5 Extremely Dramatic YouTube Feuds We Can't Stop Thinking About


With the ‘James Charles versus Tati Westbrook’ drama continuing to take over the Internet, we've decided to take a glimpse down memory lane at other notable YouTuber beef that dominated our feeds. 

1. James Charles and Tati Westbrook

Beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook, who practically mentored James Charles at the beginning of his beauty social media career, posted a 40-minute video titled ‘Bye Sister’ detailing Charles’ predatory advances on openly straight men, lying to his followers and crossing Westbrook by endorsing her competitors. Yowch.

Charles has lost close to 3 million of his 16 million subscribers from the fallout, with celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes and Kylie Jenner unfollowing his account and singers Zara Larsson and Olivia O’Brien also calling out his unsavoury behaviour.

Westbrook, however, has seen an influx of new followers taking her side of the dramatic events.

2. Jake Paul and FaZe Banks

In August 2017, Vine-star-turned-YouTuber Jake Paul posted a video accusing his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend FaZe Banks of assaulting Paul’s assistant (confusing, right?). According to the vid, Banks ‘clotheslined’ assistant Meg at a club, leaving her with a bruised neck. Unfortunately, the video has since been removed from the platform.

In response to the claims, Banks uploaded his own video titled, ‘My girlfriend was assaulted…’ in which he explains the ulterior motives of Paul including defamation and the intention to break up Banks and his girlfriend.

The saga continued this year when the two came head to head in a ‘confrontation’ – check out the interaction below.

3. Thomas Halbert and Jeffree Star

Beauty Influencers are savage! In October 2018, Jeffree Star (notorious for drama and feuds) found himself yet again in another argument, this time with Thomas Halbert.

Halbert uploaded a now-deleted video called ‘Racism, Sexism, and Silence’, in which he called out Star for using the N word.

The event took place at Jeffree’s house, when the two met to debrief on the beauty community drama (only to spark MORE DRAMA).

"I stayed for about an hour, still very uncomfortable about the situation. He said [the n-word], he said it in front of my face – and it wasn’t just him, it was the people he surrounded himself with who also said racially charged stuff," Halbert said in the video.

Star responded to the video with a leaked conversation between the two in which Halbert conspired to talk trash about another makeup artist Manny MUA, not Star. Look, it’s yet another confusing feud.

In the end, Halbert released a statement owning his “manipulative, two faced and shady” behaviour, but concluded he was not a liar.

4. Jeffree Star and Kat Von D

This drama does.not.stop. In 2016, Von D dropped a 14-minute long video that delved into the disintegration of the two’s decade-long friendship. A few of the many reasons included Star not paying a graphic designer called BJ and lying to his followers.

After a series of tweets fired out into the Twittersphere, throwing each other under the bus, the payment to BJ was resolved and the graphic designer wished to not comment further on the issue. However, it did not stop there when Star published his own 23-minute version of events on YouTube:

Star and Von D have taken subtle stabs at each other in the years that have followed and it’s likely the two will stay salty for eternity.  

5. Shane Dawson and Logan Paul

Well there seems to be a few consistent troublemakers in the YouTube world! But this time, it was Jake Paul’s brother stepping in to beef up Shane Dawson. In 2018, Dawson announced his eight-part YouTube doco-series, The Mind Of Jake Paul, in which Dawson poses the question of whether you have to have some sort of personality disorder to want to become a YouTuber, and analyses whether some of Paul’s antis make him a sociopath.

While Jake trusted the series, his brother was not so impressed. He posted a video that called out the sociopathic implications, saying aspects of the series are “extremely misleading”.

In conclusion, YouTube can be an unforgiving platform and often a video diary that'll tear you to shreds. It's certainly true when they say anything put on the Internet will come back to haunt you. 

- Tait McGregor

8 Extremely Dramatic YouTube Feuds We Can't Stop Thinking About ...