Everything You Need To Know About Tammy Hembrow's Rumoured New Boyfriend Erick Delgado


Our girl Tammy Hembrow set the rumour mill alight last month when she let slip that she was seeing someone new. 

In a Youtube Q&A her sister, Amy, asked the age old relationship status question and Tammy couldn't wipe the big ol' cheeky grin off her face as she coiley answered.

"Wouldn't you guys like to know! Um, I'm kind of seeing somebody, a little bit. I don't know what to say, I'm kind of seeing someone and he's cute," she said.

And after her split with Canadian rapper Jahkoy Palmer last year, we’re obvi hanging to know every tiny detail about the new man she’s been dating. 

So after some lowkey stalking we’ve got a lil snack sized debrief on everything you need to know about Tammy’s new rumored boyf - Erick Delgado. 

Who Is Erick Delgado? 

Erick Delgado is a 25 year old New York native. Hailing from the Bronx, he has cultivated his image under the pseudonym, Coconutfam. And he is super cute. 

He’s A Rapper.

From humble beginnings as an independent artist he started his career releasing song after song via SoundCloud under his Coconutfam pseudonym. His tracks are now all over Spotify, Apple Music and YouYube. He is a self proclaimed hard hitting lyrical champion who has mastered the art of gangsta rap. And legit he is seriously good.  

He’s Friends With Billie Eillish.

tbh there aint a lot of info on their friendship but back in 2018 they were spotted together a whole bunch. Billie low key went around likeing a whole bunch of his Insta photos and the internet kinda freaked the f*ck out.

It’s not totally clear if the two ever dated or if they were just pals. 

His Insta Game Is Strong.

When you take a peep on his Insta one word comes to mind: chaotic. The content is raw, wild and sometimes R-rated. But when you look deeper it’s kinda this wild satirical content hub that is basically another place for artistic expression. He claims it's a place for people to "appreciate and enjoy, judge or relate."

How Did They Meet? 

Tbh we don't actually know that part yet but what we do know is that the pair are all about that long distance life. In a thirsty Insta story yesterday Tammy hinted that she was missing her new man. Our girl was singing along to Kehlani’s bop "You Should Be Here" hinting that she could only talk to her man via the internets. 

And a couple of weeks back Tammy simply captioned a post "I wish u were here," to which Erick replied in the comments, "soon."

It's obvi this pair are just riding out iso like the rest of us, so while we wait for them to reunite irl we'll just be here listening to Coconutfam on repeat. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram @cocofam @tammyhembrow

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