Britney Spears’ Instagram Account Is Gone

In the same week as she announced her engagement, Britney's Instagram account has disappeared just hours after using the #FreeBritney hashtag.

In some shocking news this morning, it appears Britney Spears’ Instagram account has been deleted.

Spears’ Instagram account has been the primary way the embattled pop giant has been communicating with fans, and the deactivation of her account comes shortly after she made a post “counting for (her) freedom”.

“Growing up in a world where basically almost everything I did was controlled by someone else,” she wrote in the now-deleted post.

“I hope this message gets to people who have been confused or manipulated by a system !!!! No … you’re not alone and no … you’re not crazy !!!! People need to hear this before it’s TOO LATE !!!!

“I’ve waited 13 years and counting for my freedom !!!!!”

She also wrote that “team #FreeBritney… fucking kick ass”.

Naturally, the account’s deletion – which Instagram confirmed to Insider was done on Britney’s end – has sent fans into a tailspin, especially considering all the positive strides Spears has made recently as far as her conservatorship and personal life goes.

Earlier this week, just hours before the MTV VMAs, she revealed that she and partner Sam Asghari were engaged. This month also saw Jamie Spears, her father, file for an end to his daughter’s controversial conservatorship, which he has been at the helm of for over a decade and which Britney has called “abusive”.

However, all seems to be well in Britney’s camp. After she was alerted to the concern shared by fans, she took to Twitter to assure fans that the decision to deactivate was all hers.

“Don’t worry folks,” she wrote, “just taking a little break from social media to celebrate my engagement !!!”

She also promised that she will be “back soon”.

The next hearing around Spears’ conservatorship is set for the end of this month on September 29.

Words by Jackson Langford, senior music and culture writer at MTV Australia. Hot takes at @jacksonlangford and hotter pics at @jacksonlangford.

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