Oop Sofia Richie Feels ‘Left Out’ When She Hangs With Her Boyf Scott Disick & His Ex Kourtney Kardashian


Say what you will about the Kardashians, they know how to handle breakups.

Take Kourtney and Scott, for example. After calling it quits on their 11-year relo back in 2017, the two have kept it classy and actually remain pretty good friends. 

The coparents are so chummy that they’ve even taken to holidaying together, along with Scott’s new partner, Sofia Richie. Just one big happy family. Not at all awkward. No siree.

Under normal circumstances we wouldn’t be privy to the inner workings of this bewildering dynamic, but ‘coz the Kardashians share their entire lives on KUWTK, we got to see the whole effin thing on the most recent ep of the show.

‘Three’s Company’ followed Kourtney, Scott, Sofia and the kids’ trip to Finland. The ep marked Sofia’s debut on KUWTK and ah, it got weird. (Wince your way through this hot tub vid below for context).

While it was interesting to see how the three interact together, probably the most insightful part of the ep came via Scott’s confessionals, where he opened up about the challenges of taking family trips with your current gf and your ex.

“I never want to miss out on anything when it includes the kids,” he said. “The past six to eight months, we’ve been on a couple of trips where it’s been Kourtney, Sofia, the kids, and it’s been great. But Sofia mentioned to me that she feels a little left out so I have to be careful not to overstep anyone’s boundaries and make anyone feel left out.”

“Sometimes you have so many inside jokes or inside things with somebody you’ve known for so long [Kourtney], even if you’re not romantically with them, you don’t really know how to act,” Scott said. “It is definitely a really hard and awkward situation, and I just feel bad. At the end, I want the people I love in my life to be happy.”

The end of the ep saw a compromise of sorts. With Kourtney’s blessing, Scott and Sofia enjoyed some alone time away from the group. It was all very civilised.

Knowing Kardashian-world, we’re sure we’ll see more of the three of ‘em being awkward together soon tho.

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