Everything We Know About Netflix's Utterly Ridiculous New Dating Show

'Sexy Beasts' is taking the world by storm. Will there be a season two?

Sexy Beasts puts a whole new spin on blind dating. Taking inspiration from The Masked Singer (although, where's Cody Simpson?) the show hides participants from each other using elaborate costuming, makeup and prosthetics. The idea is that contestants will attempt to get to know the person they’re dating without looks getting in the way. Naturally, Sexy Beasts has quickly become everyone's latest Netflix binge – coming at the perfect time, seeing as we're all stuck in our homes again. Sexy Beasts is equal parts adorable and utterly disturbing (our editor reckons it's more of the latter) due to its unconventional matchmaking method of love-matching, but I dig it.

Here's everything you need to know about this chaotic, addictive, ridiculous new dating show.

What is 'Sexy Beasts' about?

Sexy Beasts, as Netflix describes it, “is a new dating show where real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test".

The concept is to see whether contestants can fall for each based on personality and chemistry alone, rather than physical appearance. Once a suitor is chosen (or should we say, a wolf, dolphin, beaver or alien are chosen), the dates reveal who is behind the mask. Sexy!

When did 'Sexy Beasts' enter our lives?

On June 23 of this year, Netflix really gave the internet something to talk about, releasing this trailer for Sexy Beasts.

They asked the question, "Could you fall in love with someone based on personality alone?" and showed us 90 seconds of unhinged content. The trailer contains contestants in increasingly disturbing prosthetics (the dolphin humanoid will haunt my dreams forever) on a series of dates, trying to hit it off with fellow contestants/animals, determined to find their romantic match. The internet responded with the perfect balance of "wait, what?" and "excuse me Netflix but when is this being released?"

When is the release date for 'Sexy Beasts' Season 1?

With the trailer came the good news that Season 1 of this new romantic reality show would be hitting our screens on July 21. That means you can catch every episode right now – streaming directly to your screens on Netflix.

Who is the host of 'Sexy Beasts'?

Sexy Beasts is narrated by American comedian, actor and writer Rob Delaney.

Delaney is best known for his roles in TV series Catastrophe and iconic film Deadpool 2. It's been confirmed that Rob Delaney will be returning to narrate Sexy Beasts Season 2, thank God.

How many episodes are there of 'Sexy Beasts'?

There are currently six episodes of 30 minutes each that you can sink your teeth (fangs) into on Netflix. Now’s the perfect time to hop aboard the beast train.

Where can I watch 'Sexy Beasts' in Australia?

On Netflix! The streaming service is the only place you can watch this fever dream of a reality show.

Will there be a 'Sexy Beasts' Season 2?

All signs point to yes! According to Screen Rant, Sexy Beasts Season 2 has already been commissioned by Netflix. In fact, Season 2 was already in the works before Season 1 hit our screens; they were that confident we'd fall in love with this wacky show. They were right.

What is the release date for 'Sexy Beasts' Season 2?

Sorry guys, we have no confirmed current release date. Though reports have it that we will be getting a Season 2 of Sexy Beasts before the end of 2021. Hell yeah.

According to The Cinemaholic, "the next round of episodes has apparently wrapped up filming and is slated for release later in 2021".

Where can I watch the trailer for 'Sexy Beasts' Season 1?

Right here! It’s a goodun.

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