Join MTV & Your Fave Celebs For 'Recess' Every Day On Instagram Live


Hello, how’s everyone doing? Yep, we’re feeling bloody scrambled too.

But it’s OK to not feel OK right now.

As we come to terms with this new normal, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, confusion, sadness and denial. According to, these are all common and completely valid reactions to pandemics like COVID-19 which is currently gripping the world.

Self-isolating and quarantining are both important and critical defences helping to stop the spread – but how can we ensure we’re still looking after ourselves? Here at MTV we’re encouraging everyone to be #AloneTogether, to ensure you still take a moment each day, for yourself and to lift out of the news feed. To take a break each day, to take…Recess.

Remember back in the good old school days when the only thing on your mind was rushing out to grab the best handball court at recess? You know, and not dealing with a global pandemic.

In an effort to cut through the heaviness we want to encourage everyone to take a break with us in our brand new series, MTV Recess.

Kicking off every weekday @ 10:50am (AEST) from this Monday, we want you to step away from the news and come join us for a snack and a chat with some of your fave celebs Live on our Instagram (@mtvaustralia).

This Monday, we’ll be kicking things off in style with none other than the jewel of Australia – Sophie Monk. Nooooiiiiiice.

For two weeks leading up to the school holidays we'll be bringing you epic daily live episodes with TV hosts, musicians, comedians, actors and influencers. Throughout the season we’ll be chatting to Tommy Little, Christian Wilkins and plenty more to be announced. Stay tuned to our socials for updates.

We'll chat through everything from school days, detention, nostalgic snacks, and most importantly – vibe checks with our guests and audience, to make sure we're all looking after one another right now.

So, pop on the Live, grab a snack and send in your questions. Whether you’re working from home, on break from uni, schooling your own kids or self isolating, take a break for MTV Recess and look after yourselves. 

See you in the school yard, mates.

Can’t hear the school bell from your home? Be notified when we go live, follow @mtvaustralia on the gram now!

If you're feeling overwhelmed right now, that's totally normal and there are plenty of options to seek help. Jump on over to Headspace or call Lifeline on 13 11 14 to speak to someone.

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