Netflix’s Drops New Trailer For Chrissy Movie ‘Holidate’ & It’s Exactly What We Need To Finish This Hellish Year

Could this be the new 'Kissing Booth'...?

Could we have a new 'Kissing Booth' on our hands...? 

Netflix has dropped a trailer for upcoming Christmas flick Holidate, and excitingly, given this hellish year, it looks like it could be nearly as good as The Kissing Booth (which was one of Netflix's most-watched movies all-time, so that's saying a lot).

Like The Kissing Booth, which stars Aussie Jacob Elordi, this new romantic comedy also has an Aussie lead: Point Break actor (and Home and Away alumnus) Luke Bracey, who stars alongside Emma Roberts. Luke also joined the cast of Baz Luhrmann's brand new Elvis Biopic last month, set for a release in 2021. 

Luke’s character is a perpetually single dude who is tired of being pressured to 'settle down' (Aussie accent in tact). Emma's character, meanwhile, is overworked and the only single person left in her family.

The two decide to be each other’s platonic plus-ones for holiday events to put a stop to their families’ running “but WHY are you still single” commentary. Heaps of events and a Dirty Dancing scene later, they end up falling for each other and presumably go on to live happily ever after. (It’s Christmas, after all.)

The flick hits Netflix on October 28 – catch its trailer here:

Main Image Credit: Holidate, Netflix

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