Doja Cat’s Elaborate VMAs Outfits Deserve Their Own Damn Award Show

A run-through of all of Doja Cat's 2021 VMAs looks, from claw feet to ... a chair.

Doja Cat was all over this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. She was up for multiple awards – taking home ‘Best Collaboration’ with SZA for “Kiss Me More”. She gave us a death-defying and transfixing performance of two standout cuts from Planet Her and she made her debut as host for the ceremony at the Barclays Center in New York City.

As the host, it seemed obvious that Doja would be expected to pull out all the stops when it came to her looks (cc: Miley Cyrus). We know Doja Cat is a showstopper when it comes to outfits, but she truly went all out for the VMAs. We’re talking CLAWS for feet, CHAIRS for hats and so, so much more.

Enjoy all of Doja Cat’s looks from the 2021 MTV VMAs below.


Doja’s first look of the evening was her red carpet look, where she took emo and scene moodiness and made it ~high fashion~. Complete with super fucking tall red platform shoes and hair bigger than the night itself, Doja’s first appearance was meant to make all the emos, goths and scene kids of the world feel...well...seen.

It’s giving vampire. It’s giving Hocus Pocus. It’s giving us LIFE.

Doja Snapt

Her next look was simple, sophisticated and CHIC. With waist-length platinum blonde hair, dressed all in navy with glittering chains adorning her, the “You Right” rapper filled the Daenerys-shaped void that’s been left in our hearts the past few years.

Doja Wtfisthat

Several points in pop culture come to mind with this outfit. At first, she looks like a strangely coloured, bejewelled chicken nugget. On closer inspection, she kind of resembles some sort of monstrous worm-like creature. Doja herself said she was a worm when she accepted her ‘Best Collaboration’ award.

She might even be coming for the crown worn by Lady Gaga for ‘Queen Of Most Insane VMA Outfits’. That’s a showdown we need.

Doja Bat

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an iconic performance from one of the biggest crossover stars of the decade!

Dochair Hat

Nothing more to say here, how resourceful.

Doja Splat

Doja certainly saved her most eye-catching look for last. Tell me how she takes an oversized hat, a pink shirt and thigh-high boots that literally resemble chicken feet. This isn’t hyperbole – actual chicken feet.

It’s so chaotic and random and unpredictable, but the most shocking part of it all is somehow works. Good for her!!!

Written and lovingly compiled by Jackson Langford.

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