Azealia Banks Has Revealed Her Fave Songs Of The Decade & Nearly Everyone's She Beefed With Is On It


Azealia Banks kicked off the 2010s by releasing a bop to end all bops - '212' - and spent the rest of the decade making headlines for her controversial callouts, Twitter beefs and unapologetic slams on a whole plethora of artists.

Now, she did release some music in between beefs - and some bloody good music too - but it turns out she was listening to a whole lot as well. She took to her Instagram to reveal her list of her favourite songs of the decade, and surprisingly, there are a lot of people she's beefed with on there.

First things first, she tops the list with Robyn's eternal banger 'Dancing On My Own' and follows it up with her own '212'. Nice.

But then...she puts Cardi B's 'Bodak Yellow' at #3, who last year she called an "illiterate, untalented rat."

If you go down a bit further, she lists two Beyoncé songs, 2011's 'End Of Time' and 'Countdown'. Last year, she said that Beyoncé is "always trying to steal from talented women and outdo them."

Lady Gaga features twice, with 'Judas' and 'Edge Of Glory', which is surprising considering the two had a mega falling out in 2013. Banks has also accused her of copying her ideas.

Nicki Minaj is on there for her collab with Jessie J and Ariana Grande - 'Bang Bang' - despite the fact that last year Banks literally called her "evil."

Even one of her most recent beefees, Rihanna, is on there with 'Only Girl In The World.'

CHRIST, Lana Del Rey even makes the list despite the fact that the two got close to a literal fistfight last year.

Our heads hurt and we're confused but, if we're honest, this playlist would SLAP.

View the full thing below.


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