Netflix Tortures Fans With A Sneak Peek Of 'Kissing Booth 3'

The moment shows your favourite teen couple hang out at a water park.

Is it 2018 all over again? Not only did Netflix just release the new trailer for To All The Boys: Always And Forever, we're now being tortured with a sneak peek of The Kissing Booth 3. Rude!

In the sneak peek for the movie, hidden in a big fat trailer showcasing all of Netflix's 2021 movies, Elle (Joey King) and her boyfriend Noah (Jacob Elordi) look like they're at a water park. Ah Netflix, such a tease! Watch the moment below.

The third and final chapter of the teen trilogy apparently takes place in the summer before Elle heads to uni, and will show her grappling with some major life decisions. An earlier teaser for the series showed the gang hanging out by a pool (we get it guys, it's set in summer) while Elle dodges a call from the Harvard admissions team.

Netflix are yet to give us an official release date for the flick, but actress Joey King reportedly said it's hitting the streaming service in summer 2021. That's Australian winter of course, so our guess is you'll only have to wait until June to see your fave couple grace the screen once again.

Written by Reena Gupta, a Melbourne-based writer at MTV Australia. Follow her on Twitter @purpletank

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