Oh My God Finally Some Good News: 'South Park' Is Set To Air A Pandemic Special This Week

Get the popcorn ready friends.

Get the popcorn ready friends.

In welcome news in this otherwise shitshow of a year, a one-hour “pandemic special” episode of South Park is set to air this Thursday, October 1, at 8:30pm on 10 Shake.

The episode will see the fine people of South Park come to grips with a new COVID normal as the pandemic sweeps through South Park. According to a news release by Comedy Central, Randy Marsh (the best character in South Park, I will die on this hill) “comes to terms with his role in the COVID-19 outbreak” as he capitalises on a growing market for his recreational pot business “Tegrity Farms”.

A trailer for the upcoming episode shows the South Park kids heading back to school with desks separated by glass barriers and armed police in place of their teachers. We don’t really know much more, but do you really need to? It’s South Park. It’s going to be good. And hey, even if it’s not, do you really have anything better to do right now?

It’s going to be strange seeing South Park on an Aussie television channel that isn’t SBS, given it has been the home of South Park for the last 23 years. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time on this damned rock it’s that change is the only constant in this indifferent universe, nothing stays the same, reality is ever shifting, and 10 Shake looks like a super decent new home for the comedy cult classic.

The new free-to-air channel launched yesterday (September 27) and is set to be targeted at “people under 40” according to a media release. It will broadcast “kids content during the day ageing up into young adult content during prime time”.

Along with South Park, 10 Shake will also be home to a bunch of MTV shows including Catfish, Just Tattoo of Us, Ex on the Beach, and Pimp My Ride. It will also be home to the iconic Totally Wild, as well as SpongeBob SquarePants(!!) and Bojack Horseman (great show). A lot to look forward to, and it’s all free. Nice.

You can find 10 Shake on Channel 13.

Main Image Credit: YouTube, South Park

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