Trisha Paytas Has Apologised To Ethan Klein For Their Podcast Feud

“I messed up and I sabotaged another good thing in my life".

Influencer Trisha Paytas, who drama tends to follow, made headlines earlier this month when they announced they’d be leaving the massively popular ‘Frenemies’ podcast they co-host with Ethan Klein. The decision to leave was largely due to disputes over financial and creative control of the show – a dispute that played out live and in real time during an episode of the podcast, which ended in Trisha storming off set.

After Trisha’s announcement, things absolutely spiralled out of control, in that way that only YouTuber feuds do.

Ethan responded, Trisha responded, Ethan responded, Trisha responded – and so on and so forth. Forever. Trisha’s YouTube channel was the epicentre of this chaotic spiral, with videos seemingly being uploaded every hour with videos entitled “one more thing”, “i’m sorry” and then a TRILOGY of videos called “ethan’s lies” part 1, 2 and 3. We all needed to lie down.

Trisha’s fans begging them to log off were finally listened to, and Trisha has remained reasonably quiet on the issue since then.

Today they have finally posted that classic YouTube staple we all know and love – the apology video.

They posted a video entitled “apology to Ethan” which has an extremely different energy to the chaotic videos of earlier this month. Clocking in at 39 minutes, the video expresses an apology to Ethan for all of the drama that ensued during their decision to leave the Frenemies podcast.

The crux of the apology was that they didn’t speak up about the feelings they were having about the podcast, and let it all boil over instead of sorting it out calmly. In the blow up, they say they broke Ethan’s trust and hurt him.

“I should have communicated my issues, my struggles, my feelings about all of the changes that were happening,” they said.

“I apologise for not communicating better with you on a personal and professional level.”

“I messed up and I sabotaged another good thing in my life.”

“I’m really sorry. I hope Ethan watches this – he usually doesn’t watch my long videos, he usually has them summarised but if you see just this little clip, I’m very sorry Ethan for breaking your trust.”

They go on to speak about how they posted screenshots of private conversations during the feud, in which they used anti-Semetic slurs.

“I know the main thing was when I screenshotted his text and showed them on Twitter – which ultimately I ended up just exposing myself so I wasn’t thinking in the moment obviously because it showed me making some distasteful jokes and I apologise for those jokes. I had no malice, hateful or evil intent with them, but they’re still nasty and I’m still embarrassed that I thought that was cute.”

“At the end of the day, I loved doing the show but I really loved him as a friend truly.

It really does suck to damper the personal relationship. I hope it’s not lost and I would like to personally reconcile.”

Only time will tell whether Ethan accepts this apology.

You can watch the entire video (if that’s your kind of thing) just below.

Words by Dani Leever, writer and homosexual pop culture enthusiast. Find their words at @danileever or catch their gay DJ drag adventures at @djgaydad.

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