'We Don't Go After The Same Blokes': The Bachelorette's Elly & Becky Miles Tell It Like It Is

The double-billed Bachelorettes and sisters spoke to us last week about their experiences filming their journey to find love.

It's not exactly the most normal of circumstances that Elly and Becky Miles found themselves in this year. The double-billed Bachelorettes (and sisters) spoke to us last week about their experiences filming their search for love. 

The new season of The Bachelorette is coming, and this year it’s two for the price of one, double the trouble, a double whammy – ok, you get the idea: this year's stars are Elly Miles from season seven of The Bachelor and her sister, Becky.

As per, the season looks like it’ll be filled with a whole load of soul-searching and some gut-wrenching quests for love. Question is, will Becky and Elly actually find it? We caught up with the girls to find out all the details about season 6 of The Bachelorette – and they didn't hold back.

MTV Australia: Hey girls! How are you feeling about the next season of The Bachelorette, are you guys excited?

Becky: I'm so excited. I can't wait to see our journey play out on the screens because Elly and I had such an incredible time, like we were so blessed to have such genuine nice guys, but then also to be able to support each other and be there with each other and go on some incredible dates. It’s going to be a lovely watch!

Elly: Yeah, the whole experience was just so positive, and really amazing. I feel like it's gonna be quite wholesome. I can't wait to watch it back because it was such an amazing experience and it's really exciting to get to relive something that was so great.

Yeah, that must be a nice part of the process, being able to watch it afterwards. Elly, you were on The Bachelor last year, what made you come back?

Elly: Oh crikey, being on The Bachelor for the first time was definitely out of my comfort zone and something in itself that I never thought I would end up doing. But it was such an incredible experience for me and I learned a lot about myself. I became very emotionally in touch with myself and was more able to open up about my feelings and get rid of some fear that I previously had surrounding that. And you know I did develop feelings being on The Bachelor last year and there are so many success stories in the franchise with people getting married and getting engaged and having kids and living happy lives. So in coming back, that was sort of in the forefront of my mind. 

I definitely had to consider it because it was an adjustment being in the media, having had nothing to do with it or no interest in doing it in the past.. so I had to weigh that up. But I'm so ready to find someone to share my life with because I'm ... in such a happy place where I'm ready to meet someone. I think that, as well as the fact that the opportunity arose with Becky is something so unique and so special. I never would have thought it would be possible to be able to do The Bachelorette with your sibling ... – someone you have unconditional love for – so that in itself is such an incredible story and such an incredible journey for Becky and I to go on together, as well. Like first of all, to find love together, who can say that? And we can look back, as if it’s our own family video one day be like, 'Let's watch mum and aunty Elly's love story!'

That is super exciting. So, what sort of growth did you have from the last Bachelor series – did it reveal some parts of your character that maybe you hadn't known about before?

Elly: Honestly like I've always been very sure about myself and I'm very proud of how I held myself. Last year it was definitely challenging. Um, but yeah, my main growth was emotional growth. Prior to being on The Bachelor last year, I wasn't very good at speaking about my feelings and being in touch with myself emotionally. I probably had a lot of fear about opening up to people before being on the show. And, yeah, that's what I learned and that was like a really magical thing that I gained from being on The Bachelor – something that I hadn't tapped into for a very long time. And I was excited to be able to do that again and really just, you know, give it my all again because that's what I did last year.

That would be a challenging experience; learning how to do that in front of many, many people.

Elly: Yeah, I know. I think I gave myself some advice heading into The Bachelor last year because I already knew I was going to be out of my comfort zone and I just thought, I don't like to live life with regrets and I don't like to go through life thinking, 'I should have done this' or 'I should have done that'. So I really just said to myself, 'Jump in, give it your all,' and then that way, you stay true to yourself. If I were to leave anything unsaid or, you know, not open up [during filming], I'd be doing myself an injustice. You'd be wasting your own time, if you're not just going to give it everything. So that was the advice I gave to myself last year, and I took that on again this year and gave that advice to Becky, and the boys.

Yeah, great advice. And then Becky, how did you find the experience being on The Bachelorette? Did you find that you learned a lot, too?

Becky: Mmmm, I think I’ve always been quite good at talking about my feelings and opening up. I think the main difference is that, you know, in the outside world, you date somebody but you don't have those conversations about settling down and having kids and so for me, I was having those sorts of conversations and I was really looking for someone who wanted to have a family and settle down because ultimately, you know, that's what I want.

And do you think that we don't necessarily have those more practical conversations enough in the real world? Is that something that we should be doing more, addressing those conversations in the search for love?

Becky: Yeah I think so, I think you should be open with what you want in life.

Elly: Yeah, dating is very indirect in the outside world, whereas when you're on The Bachelor you’ve literally signed yourself up to a situation in an experience where it's like we're here to find love so put your mind in that, that’s what we're doing. And you know, suddenly you're not afraid to ask those questions because that's the situation you’ve put yourself in.

How refreshing to have those conversations up front. And, Elly, do you want to talk a little bit about why you decided to bring Becky along with you in this quest for love?

Elly: Well it wasn't my doing. The network came up with the idea all on their own. I think in the casting process they must have seen some videos of Becky and I from our travels and I tell you what, we're pretty bloody different so they got what they bargained for.

I imagine that would have been quite an interesting moment when you were called upon to do this together, how did that go down?

Becky: So, when we found out about their idea, Elly was at my house and she was cooking me pancakes and I heard from the kitchen this gasp like 'OHHHH'. She was like making all these sounds and I was asking her if she was ok and if everything was alright! And she's waving at me like it's all good, kind of thing. And then she got off the phone and said, 'You wouldn't bloody believe it, we've just been asked if we're interested in being the Bachelorettes,' and I was just in complete shock, I was like, 'Huh? Like what do you want me on there for?! Both of us, that’s just crazy?'

What were your initial reactions about being asked to become a Bachelorette too, Becky?

Becky: I was thinking it's an exciting concept but I had some reservations.. like for me I'm a pretty private person, and I've never ever thought I'd do anything like this. I'm not big on the socials and all that kind of thing, so for me I had some concerns in terms of media and my privacy and everything. But at the same time, there's so much good to come out of it, and after speaking to Elly she helped me with with any sorts of concerns.

I could see the connection she had with Matt on The Bachelor and she said she had such a fun time and I really trust in her. And so it really reassured me that I had nothing to worry about. So I thought, 'why not give it a crack?' I could just keep living my life, but it's an incredible opportunity and I was in the right stage in my life where I was looking for someone to settle down with, so I thought, 'why not give it a go?'

Becky, we heard you had just come out of a relationship, is that true?

Becky: I was seeing somebody before the show, but it was for a short period of time and you know he's a great guy but, we'd only just started seeing each other. For me, I'm looking for someone to be my forever person. It wasn't serious, we were just dating, and I wish him all the best. But I've sacrificed opportunities for guys before, and so for me I wanted to do this for myself.

Like last year I was in a relationship and I had all these grand plans to go and live in the UK and I’d packed up my whole life, I got a visa and everything. And I went travelling with Elly for two months, but before our travels I had met somebody, and I ended up coming back to Australia to give love a go with him, and I gave up all those dreams and unfortunately for me there were some lies and he was, yeah, lying and cheating and carrying on. We ended up breaking up shortly after I came back to Australia so you know like I gave up an opportunity – a dream to go and live in in the UK and travel – all for a guy. So doing The Bachelorette at this time, I just felt like, I really need to do this for myself.

So, what about your relationship with each other, are you guys super similar or chalk and cheese?

Elly: Becky and I we’re sort of same, same but different! We’re both similar in the respect that we have the same kind of values and morals. I think the only difference is I’m probably a little bit more out there, and I’m definitely more of a bogan!

Becky: Yeah, Elly’s definitely a little bit more out there, and I’m a little bit more reserved. Elly’s [the] life of the party. And she can also be a little bit more OCD, I’m a bit more laidback!

Elly: Hey, I’m still laidback! I just like a tidy house!

You know, being a little bit different in some ways, can we expect any scraps between you guys in The Bachelorette?

Becky: No, nothing.

Elly: We really don't fight. The only time we ever have a bit of an argument is if we're at home and I want her to bloody help me tidy up or something. But there's no dramas. We don’t go after the same blokes or anything. We just want each other to be happy and find the right guy like that was our intention for each other throughout the journey. So there's definitely no crossing paths with fellas. There's actually a beautiful dynamic because I've gotten to be friends with Becky's boys and Becky got to be friends with my boys and, you know, that’s a really nice friendship dynamic to the show as well and I think that's something that we're really proud of.

Let's talk about the men! So, who's your ideal man and what were you looking for going into the show?

Elly: I guess Beck and I want the same qualities when it comes to a fella. I think it's because, you know, we have the same values and morals and we’re both looking for someone who's respectful and kind and a positive person, someone easy going, down-to-earth, like funny. Just you know, a good, a good bloke! The same kind of thing that everyone wants! But I think the differences are that, for me, I probably go for someone who likes a bit of adventure and I want to be with someone that really challenges me in that respect because I think I'm quite a bit to keep up with. And I probably go for a more sporty type and a bit of a blue collar worker – a bit of a bogan like myself! I think Beck definitely goes for someone who's a little bit more booksmart. Someone [that[] is definitely still outdoorsy, but maybe even a bit more of a white collar worker, like a little bit more of an intellect.

Any deal breakers?

Elly: Yeah, respect is a must for me. If someone doesn't respect you, I think, you know, then they're not going to be honest with you, and yeah they're not gonna afford you honesty ... also, I'm not into someone who's passive aggressive or gets possessive or controlling.

Becky: Just liars. People might make mistakes, but I really appreciate someone who can own their mistakes or wrongdoings. I think that says a lot about somebody.

The Bachelorette premieres October 7 at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

Words and interview by journalist, Alex Longstaff. The above interview has been edited for clarity and shortened for space.

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