WATCH: Here's Everything You Need To Know About Teen Mom UK Season 5

Get ready for breakdowns, break-ups and plenty of emotional moments...

It’s time to cancel all your Sunday plans and make yourself comfy on the sofa because Teen Mom UK is BACK for a brand new season, and you do not want to miss it!

From relationship updates to getting through all of the highs and lows parenting has thrown at our mums, we’ve got a lot to catch up on since we last saw these lovely families.

Watch the mums tease the brand new series here:

So, here’s EVERYTHING you need to know about season 5 of Teen Mom UK.

When Is Teen Mom UK Season 5 Airing?

The brand new series will be on your TV screens every Sunday at 6pm from February 17th - only on MTV!

Who Will Be Sharing Their Parenting Journey With Us?

The lovely Amber Butler, Chloe Patton, Sassi Simmonds and Shannon Wise are all back for the brand new series, showing us more of family life with their little ones.

After taking a break from the last series to focus on herself, Megan Salmon-Ferrari is also returning to join the mums in season 5 and we are too excited!

Watch all of our exclusive interviews with the mums here:

What’s New Since Season 4?

Phew, where do we begin?

Speaking to MTV, Sassi revealed that her whole life has taken a huge turn since we last saw her: “My whole happy ever after crashed before my eyes.”

Shannon has seen a change in her relationship, explaining that her and Charlie have now got things “back on track,” though he’s not living with her right now.

For Amber and Ste Rankine, who faced a rocky time in their co-parenting relationship last series, things have changed for the better, with the mum telling MTV that they’ve “got a good friendship” and are “in a really good place right now.”

Chloe, meanwhile, is getting to grips with her busy life: “Home owner, mummy, mummy to a dog. Mum life.”

Megan is also navigating a new lifestyle as she co-parents with Dylan Siggers and learns “how to become a single mum of two children under three,” with the mum admitting that her and Dylan’s relationship can be rocky at times.

What’s Happening In Episode One?

Megan updates fans on her relationship with Dylan as the pair prepare for their first family day out together, which his new girlfriend Ree-Ane will also be coming along too. Later, Megan tells her friends about the text her ex has sent her, and they’re shocked.

It’s GCSE results day for Shannon, as she nervously opens that dreaded envelope to find out how she got on. But will she get the results she was hoping for?

Jordan takes time off work as he stays in bed feeling ill, which leaves Chloe feeling worried that something serious might be wrong, as well as annoyed that he hasn’t got out of bed all day as his brother babysits Marley.

Sassi starts a new life as a single parent after Darren Quirk ends their relationship, and it’s proving to be emotional. As she struggles to afford the rent on their home on her own, she invites him over for a chat, but it all ends in a huge row.

Amber is keen to impress her family with her cooking skills, but her plans take a turn when her mum’s new fiancé Diego takes over. Things only get worse when son Brooklyn starts acting out too, leaving Amber tearful.

Watch some sneak peeks from the first episode here:

Don't forget to tune into the brand new season of Teen Mom UK, Sundays at 6pm on MTV!

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