Lucas Bravo (Gabriel From ‘Emily In Paris’) Agrees With Critics Who Call The Show Clichéd

He seems fine with it, though.

He seems fine with it, though. 

Your hot French neighbour Lucas Bravo (aka Gabriel from Emily in Paris) has responded to the critics who are say the new Netflix TV series depicts a clichéd version of Paris. In case you missed it, a lot of French people aren't exactly pleased with the way Emily In Paris – the wildly popular TV series starring Lily Collins – portrays the famous French capital.

“The berets. The croissants. The baguettes. The hostile waiters. The irascible concierges. The inveterate philanderers. The lovers and the mistresses. Name a cliche about France and the French, you’ll find it in Emily in Paris,” laments French website 20 Minutes, as translated by The Guardian. “It reduces the capital’s inhabitants to vile snobs sporting Birkin handbags who light up a cigarette the minute they’re out of the gym,” adds women’s webzine MadmoiZelle. And that’s to say nothing of the show's Twitter critics.

Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) himself weighed in on the critiques, and basically? He gets it. “I think they're right, in a way”, Lucas told Cosmopolitan in a new interview. “We're portraying cliches and we're portraying one single vision of Paris”, he says.

Lucas doesn’t necessarily see that as a huge problem, though. He reckons the show is best consumed as escapism right now given our present circumstances. “Reality is so rough these days, and we've been going through such a difficult time that I think the show is so light hearted, it's so colorful, the fashion, the romance, the traveling. [Creator] Darren Star's vision is so colorful and alive and funny. People needed something to just escape.” 

Well yes, it doesn't come really come as a surprise that Lucas Bravo, breakout star of Emily In Paris, is going to defend Emily in Paris. And as much as we love the show, these French critiques have given us food for thought. Is a bit of affectionate skewering ok if Parisians themselves can't recognise their city? Is it fair for us to indulge in a Parisian fantasy if it leaves actual French people feeling insulted? These are the niggling questions that remain. 

Catch Lucas Bravo's full interview with Cosmopolitan here

Main Image Credit: Emily In Paris, Netflix 

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