Inside The Drama Surrounding Jeffree Star's New Boyfriend André Marhold

Star is now dating basketballer André Marhold.

Jeffree Star is off the market and, exactly as you'd expect, the news has delivered a fresh new controversy.

This week, the makeup mogul shared a steamy photo to Instagram showing him straddling a guy with tattooed arms wrapped around his torso. Though the guy’s face isn’t shown, fans quickly identified him through his ink, picking up that he was basketball player, André Marhold. 

Soon after André was outed as Jeffree’s new flame, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics CEO shared several photos of Andre’s face on his Instagram Stories. 

André's ex-girlfriend and mum to his child, Leezy (real name: Emmanuella Chartol), got wind of the new relationship and shared her thoughts. “My ex on the shade room for fucking Jeffree Star is not how I planned to start my day,” she began. “He doesn’t even like black people….” she continued, likely referring to Jeffree Star's history of racist comments and behaviour.

“This is not my L. That shit is just funny how I was telling the TL that sometimes black men kiss white men’s asses in certain situations making them look like the whitemans toilet paper. And here is a clear example.”

Jeffree appeared to respond to Leezy, launching his own rant. “I know it’s devastating news for some people, but I don’t give money to anyone I’m dating or anyone who is fucking me,” he wrote. “Work on your own insecurities sis, I’m not the problem.” In another tweet, he added: “Worry about how to pay your own bills, not who’s in my mouth. Thank you, God bless – Upper management.”

He continued his tweeting the following day – this time addressing the general transphobia and homophobia he was experiencing since sharing his new relationship with André Marhold.

"Goood morning everyone!! The homophobia is really jumping out this morning... Let it out, I don’t mind! Some of ya‘ll need some coffee and a hug," Jeffree wrote. He also retweeted comments from fans that said similar.

On Saturday August 29, Star followed up on his comments in a new round of tweets, addressing the stigma against bisexuality. "The concept of being attracted to both genders, still REALLY has some people confused," Star tweeted.

There's also been rumours cropping up on Twitter that that André Marhol is, in fact, still a married man, something that Star was all too happy to allegedly clarify. "I don't hang out with married men," Star said.

The tweets also saw Jeffree address the fact that some commenters are suggesting Marhol is only dating Jeffree to gain money and fame, rather than seeking a genuine relationship with him. Star... didn't like this, tweeting, "Remember when I heard 'he's only with you for the money' for 5 years with Nathan? I'm so bored of that rhetoric". 

Jeffree split with long-term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt less than a year ago. “It’s 2020,” Jeffree had said at the time. “We’re gonna start things off fresh. I’m starting this year off alone and I can’t even believe I’m saying that. I’m so devastated but I’m strong and you guys know that me and Nate had been through so much together.”

So, other than dating André, what else has Jeffree been up to in recent weeks?

Well, earlier this month he launched his first nude collection, called Orgy. There was some backlash with the sexual names he chose for the products with critics saying yeah, look, ‘Happy Ending’, ‘Glory Hole’ and ‘I’m Close' might not have been the best choice considering a heap of his customers are in their early teens.

Jeffree also recently responded to accusations he’d staged his warehouse robbery last year. And then, of course, there was his "Doing What's Right" video, shared last week, which saw him briefly addressing the James Charles/Shane Dawson/Tati Westbrook drama, but leaving out a laundry list of other controversies he probably should've mentioned.

Between all that and now this new relationship with André Marhold, Star's been a busy bee. Until next time... 

This article has been updated on Saturday August 29 to include Jeffree Star's recent comments around his new boyfriend, André Marhold.

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