Shane Dawson Exits Beauty World But Not Before Spilling The Tea On James Charles/Tati Westbrook Drama

Sit down for this.

UPDATE Saturday June 27: Shane Dawson has uploaded a 20-minute apology video where he addresses his below comments about James Charles and speaks about more serious matters like using blackface and other racist behaviour. Read all about it here.

We hope you weren’t thirsty ‘coz Shane Dawson spilled all the tea when he shared a four-page notes doc to Twitter Sunday arvo in which he finally explained his role in the whole Jeffree Star/James Charles/Tati Westbrook saga.

“WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS – my final thoughts on the beauty world,” Shane wrote before going on to answer eight questions he’s “been getting lately” – all of which are presumably about the video Tati Westbrook made about James Charles last year. Titled ‘BYE SISTER’, it kicked off what became known as ‘Dramageddon 2.0’. Oh, and wondering what Jeffree had to do with all that? Here's a breakdown of his role.

In the Q&A, Shane said he did know Tati was going to make the video, but that he wasn’t involved with it and didn’t orchestrate it.

“Am I innocent and don’t have HUGE anxiety provoking regrets about how I could have helped everyone handle everything better? No. I’ve had a pit in my stomach since it all happened.”

He said he didn’t warn James about the video for reasons he “will never discuss”.

“Do I think James is THE DEVIL? No. Do I think he was a young, egocentric, power hungry guru who needed to be served a slice of humble pie the size of the fucking Empire State Building? YES.”

At the time, Shane didn’t have a public role in what was going on, but he did allude to it in a trailer for his ‘Conspiracy’ YouTube series. About that decision, he wrote in Sunday’s post: "Putting drama in the trailer was something i [sic] regret more than anything in the world and I'm mad that I chose tea over my morals."

Shane concluded the post saying he was “done with the beauty world”.

“I love what I was able to create with Jeffree and I’m sure people are going to assume I only did it for money but that’s not true,” he wrote. “I just am choosing to no longer be apart of that world.”

After the rant went up, Shane reportedly lost over 20,000 Twitter followers. Just a few hours later, he was back online with a follow-up saying no, he didn’t think the bullying towards James that ensued after the Tati video was OK.

“We all know collectively that the internet was too mean to james,” he wrote. “I didn’t think I needed to reiterate that. Me saying he needed to be humbled isn’t mean it’s honest.”

He finished the second statement with: “K that’s it. leaving twitter for a few months. it’s bad for my brain. I feel good in my heart about what I said and that’s all I can do. Sorry it wasn’t the tea people wanted but I’m officially done with tea.”

And whew, we think we're done too. Logging off now.

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