Exes Joey King & Jacob Elordi Remain V Socially Distant In New Promo For 'The Kissing Booth 2'


We all know how sh*tty breakups are. Tears. Tantrums. Self-doubt. Shoe throwing (or maybe that’s just us). The sound of literal hearts breaking into a million pieces. Yep, SH*TTY. 

The good thing is you can usually just erase that person from your life once it’s dunzo. 

Except if you’re Joey King and Jacob Elordi. 


The IRL ex-lovers are back again as on-screen lovers in The Kissing Booth 2, which we can only imagine to be HELL. And if we’re going by the poster for the new Netflix series, looks about right to us. 

Either that, or they’re taking their social distancing rules VERY seriously. 

In the teaser image for the sequel to Netflix’s popular teen rom-com, Kissing Booth, King and Elordi assume positions seemingly worlds apart. Like, were they even on set together when the promotional shots were taken? Looks like a big ol’ cut-n-paste job to us. 

But can you blame them? Bumping into an ex in the cheese aisle at Woolies is hard enough let alone having to work with them every damn day (seriously though, either that or the dunny paper aisle - it’s ALWAYS one). 

It also must be a tough gig knowing your ex is now dating another co-star, with Elordi shacking up with Euphoria kween, Zendaya (he has a type: his co-stars).

But King was v. profesh when it came to dishing the dirt on what it’s like working with her ex, telling Lauren Elizabeth on her podcast recently that yeah, she’s had to make sacrifices for what “everyone is thinking about,” but that it was “totally worth it”. 

We’ll be the judge of that come July 24, when The Kissing Booth 2 officially drops on Netflix with the juicy AF tagline: “Rules can be broken, but so can hearts.”

Holy sh*t, you got us hook, line and sinker already. 

So aside from sizing up the on-screen chemistry between King and Elordi for realz, we’re also just super keen to see what happens next in the world of Elle Evans and Lee Flynn.

This article was written by Kassie Angelo.

Main Image Credit: Licensed by Getty.

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