Tati Westbrook Releases Explosive Apology Video To James Charles, Says Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson Manipulated Her Into Making 'Bye Sister'

Another day, another YouTube drama – and this one’s a biggie.

Another day, another YouTube drama – and this one’s a biggie.

This morning we woke up to an explosive 40-minute video from Tati Westbrook, which she says she made to publicly apologize to James Charles for last year’s "Bye Sister" drama… and to throw Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson right in the shit.

Don't have a spare 40 minutes? That's cool, here are some of the key revelations from Tati... 

Tati apologises to James Charles

Tati apologises to James Charles for the "Bye Sister" video and its incredible fallout. She said that she had already apologized privately to the beauty YouTuber, but that because she started something publicly, she wanted to end it there too. She says James Charles wanted to sit by her side and support her through the video, but it was something she needed to do on her own.

Tati accuses Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson of gaslighting her to make her go against James 

Here’s where it gets interesting though: Tati then calls out Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson, saying they “used, coerced, and manipulated" her into making the "Bye Sister" video in the first place. Tati mentions that though she could “usually spot deceit and manipulation a mile away”, her “guard was down” because she was slightly upset that James had done a sponsorship with SugarBearHair – so when the pair supposedly fed her lies about James, she believed them. 

“I did not make my video because of vitamins, I made it as a result of all the poisonous lies that were fed to me by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star,” she says. She says that both Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson spoke a lot of shit about James Charles from early 2019, and that they fed her horrific allegations about James Charles being a ‘predator’ that, over time, changed her opinion of him.

"Over the course of the next few weeks, he and Jeffree fed me so much information that I felt sick. Almost every day there was more information and new allegations," Westbrook said. "Eventually I started believing what they were saying, because they said they had evidence. By the time the drama around James Charles' promotion of SugarBearHair reached its peak, I was beyond gaslit."

As you’ll remember, Jeffree Star was a major player in the drama that followed. Soon after Tati’s “Bye Sister” video dropped, Jeffree released his own series of statements, calling James a “danger to society” and suggesting that he was a predator to straight young men.

The fallout for James Charles was huge: he trended pretty much everywhere, lost millions of YouTube subscribers and was accused of being a predator, he said he had very ‘dark thoughts’ during that time in his life. His two videos post-scandal addresses the low points and struggles he faced during that time.

Tati says she regrets the video, and has buried the hatchet with James Charles

Tati says that making the video is “one of the biggest regrets of my life.”

In December 2019, Tati says, her and James Charles finally met up and buried the hatchet. She says that in this time they also shared "receipts" – texts, voicenotes etc. – that they both received at different times from Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson, which called them to question both of the YouTubers role in the James Charles takedown plot.

Tati says she hasn't spoken to Jeffree Star since his apology video, "Never Doing This Again", dropped last year, but that she predicts that he will "go off" about her new video.

Shane Dawson reacts to Tati Westbrook's new video

So far there's been no word from Jeffree Star on Tati's new video and the allegations laid out in it. Shane Dawson.. hasn't been so quiet. but Shane Dawson did tweet (then delete) about it, saying "THIS IS A FUCKING LIE AND IM LOSING MY MIND!!". He also released a frantic Instagram live on the topic, calling Tati manipulative. “This is insane. This is are SO manipulative! You are fake crying! That is not real!," he says in the live.

Dawson's fiance, Ryland Adams has also spoken out against Tati on Twitter, writing, “Hope you enjoy those sold out vitamins that made you millions in minutes from shane’s support you two faced liar”.

You can watch Tati Westbrook's video in full below. 

We'll keep you posted as we find out more.

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