WATCH: Tyra Banks Legit Rap In A 'Be A Star' Remix For 'Life Size 2'


Is there anything Tyra Banks CAN'T do!?

TBH,, there isn't.

The ANTM host took to Twitter over the weekend to post a remix video of 'Be A Star' from her upcoming sequel for 'Life Size 2.'

...And wow - Tyra can rap!?!

Tyra's fans are just as shook over her hip hop debut, which is a far cry from the original 'Be A Star' video, featuring a mini Lindsay Lohan.

'Life Size 2' is currently in the works, with actress Francia Raisa on board in the role of Grace. 

Some fans are p*ssed LiLo won't be joining the original cast...but we're just keen to see this sequel come to life!


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