Jamie xx, The Avalanches, Midnight Juggernauts & More Are Putting On A Massive Gig At The Hordern Pavilion To Fight Climate Change

‘No Coal Zone’ tickets are on sale now.

We’re suckers for musicians at the best of times, but musicians that stick it to the coal industry? Oof, that’s hot.

It was announced this morning that Jamie xx, The Avalanches and Midnight Juggernauts will headline a one-night only climate change concert called No Coal Zone on Saturday, 14th March at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion. Also set to play at No Coal Zone is Heaps Gay and Friends, Ptwiggs and DeepFaith, plus there will be a screening of Jonathan Zawada x Mark Pritchard’s ‘The Four Worlds’.

All proceeds from the gig will go to ClientEarth and Immersive Climate Education, who do critical work in holding countries and major polluters in the coal industry to account. Coal is the most polluting of all fossil fuels, producing one-third of all global carbon dioxide emissions – and yet we still rely on it heavily.

Jamie xx said headlining the upcoming gig “felt right”. “The work ClientEarth are doing to stop the building of future coal fired power stations will hugely cut the planet’s carbon emissions and will help to slow the devastating effects of global warming,” he said. “I’m proud to support them and hope this party can help them in their incredible work. I already offset my own carbon emissions from flying and will certainly be doing so for this gig. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.”

The Avalanches, too, were keen to get involved in the event, with Tony Diblasi stating in a presser, “The world can’t stand by and go about business as usual, while the planet suffers. Practices like coal power, that we now know are so harmful to the environment, have to be stopped and replaced with green alternatives. We have the means to make this possible right now! We must act to try and reverse the effects of climate change before it’s too late for our home, planet earth.’’

Where and when can you buy tickets to No Coal Zone?

You can grab tickets to No Coal Zone right now on Ticketek. Ticket prices start from $59.90, and you can find more info the night at secretsounds.com.

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