Logan Paul Admits He Only Went On A Date With His Brother Jake's Ex-Wife Tana Mongeau For A YouTube Prank Video


Logan Paul has admitted that his “date” with Tana Mongeau was actually a prank.

The YouTuber had been spotted grabbing lunch with his brother’s ex-girlfriend earlier this week, with paparazzi pictures from the restaurant in California showing that Logan kissed Tana on the head following their meal.

Despite fans speculating that it was just a platonic meet-up, Tana fuelled the romance rumours when she referred to Logan as her “boyfriend” in a TikTok video.

Logan has since shared a vlog explaining that the entire situation was planned: “I’m going to be hugging you, and I’m going to be wanting to throw up in my mouth,” he says in the video.

Tana retorts: “I WILL be throwing up in my mouth.”

The pair agreed that their date was dreadful: “Tana and I, on our first date. I can say without a doubt that it’s so far one of the most horrifying experiences of my life,” Logan said, as she replied: “I came here with your brother once. It was way better.”

Still, they managed to achieve their goal of trolling the internet, with Logan adding: “And just like that, I was in another scandal. After just a few hours, the news broke that Tana Mongeau cosied up to Logan Paul and was spotted getting a kiss.”

Tana split from Jake Paul after less than six months of marriage, with the couple saying they'd been on separate paths for some time. Honestly, we're so relieved that Tana hasn't moved on to another Paul brother.

Main Image Credit: YouTube - Logan Paul

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