Facebook Messenger Is Getting An 'Unsend' Button For All Those Embarrassing Drunk Texts


We've all been there. It's 3am and way past your bedtime, you've had about 10,000 vodka lime sodas, and sending your crush a cheeky "you up?" message on Facebook sounds like the greatest idea you've ever had.


Come 9am, the soul-destroying regret can be pretty tough...but no one's drunk Facebook message takes the cake more than this girl, who sent Gatwick Airport the thoughtful drunk message, "Hey xx everything okay xx"

Well, Facebook is finally listening to our hungover woes by #blessing us with an 'unsend' button!

According to Tech Crunch, Messenger users qill soon be able to unsend their messages in the first 10 minutes after they've been delivered to "correct a mistake or remove something you accidentally pushed."'

There are two catches, though. You won't be able to edit or unsend old messages, and by hitting the "remove for everyone" button, a tombstone will appear to indicated a message was retracted. Heavy!

Facebook have also created the feature to prevent bullies from covering their tracks by retaining unsent messages so they can be reported and reviewed.

Sounds like a win win for ALL involved. Including our drunk selves.

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