Melbourne's COVID Restrictions Eased This Morning: Your Guide To What's Changed

We waded through the government docs so you don't have to.

We waded through the government docs so you don't have to.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews took to his press conference on Sunday morning to confirm that Metropolitan Melbourne would be entering step two of the coronavirus (COVID-19) roadmap for reopening. What's that in plain english, you ask? Fair question.

We pulled the the key restriction changes from a bunch of grim government websites for your convenience...

Wave Goodbye To That Curfew

Melbourne's controversial curfew, which stopped residents of Metropolitan Melbourne leaving their homes after 9pm, has lifted, Daniel Andrews announced at yesterday's press conference, thanks to low rates of community transmission.

Get A Fitted Face Mask

The premier confirmed that face masks remain mandatory for Melbourne residents; and they now need to be fitted. Face shields, scarves and bandanas – though previously allowed – are no longer COVID-safe. He stressed a shield on its own doesn't properly cover people's nose and mouth. "You can wear one if you want, in terms of your eyes, but it would need to be accompanied by a mask," Andrews said.

Melbourne residents have a 14-day grace period to adjust to the new rule. 

Exercise Within 5km Of Your Workplace

If you're an essential worker, you can now exercise within 5km of your workplace (and within 5km of where you live). If exercising near work, you'll need to have your essential worker permit on you.

Places like tennis courts and bowls clubs will remain closed, while outdoor pools can open.

Andrews also says outdoor exercise that doesn't require a facility like hiking or fishing is all good, as long as it's within 5km of where you live. Outdoor personal training will also be permitted, with a maximum of two people plus a personal trainer.

You'll still need to limit outdoor exercise time to two hours per day.

Get A Check-Up

Overdue for a clean? Dentists will return to work and to provide non-urgent care. Other non-urgent allied health professionals can also open, provided they have a COVID-safe plan.

You can also visit people in hospitals and care facilities – they're permitted one visit a day for a maximum of two hours.

Have A Small Public Gathering

A maximum of five people (from two households at most) are now able to gather in public (while observing social distancing, of course). 

Weddings are fine too, as long as it's outdoors and with a limit of five people including the couple and two witnesses. Religious gatherings and ceremonies are also A-OK, with a cap of five people and one faith leader.

Get Fined $5000 (!) For Flouting Restrictions

Andrews said if Melbourne residents have a gathering in breach of any of these rules, they'll be fined about $5000. Both Premier Andrews and Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton stressed that indoor gatherings are where COVID-19 tends to spread.

That's All Folks...

Those are the big ones! It's not an exhausive list, though, so make sure you get the finer details here (including info regarding schooling, childcare and work).

They're not huge changes, but we're on track for more significant changes in just a few weeks time. "We are ahead of schedule, we've made more progress than we had hoped to make at this point in time," Premier Andrews said yesterday.

Melbourne's 14-day average is now just a sniff over 20 new cases a day. If cases remain low, Melbourne residents will move to step three of the recovery roadmap in just a few weeks on October 19; a week earlier than originally scheduled. We'll take it. 

If your head is a little scrambled, make sure you pop over to to get all of your official COVID-19 updates.

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