Seth Rogen Celebrates Sausage Party By Pranking Innocent Grocery Shoppers

Foods have feelings too...

It’s news to no one that Seth Rogen is one funny human being.

So we weren’t all that surprised when he decided to play a prank on innocent grocery shoppers to celebrate his new movie, Sausage Party.

ICYMI, Rogen plays the role of Frank (a sausage) in the animated film.

And Frank isn’t you’re average sausage – he’s got personality plus, and he's become fully aware of his doomed supermarket fate.

But if you thought the idea of foods having human emotions was a little far-fetched, Rogen’s trick proves otherwise.

He successfully scared the sh*t out of grocery shoppers by making  life-like, animated foods talk to them as they went about their shopping.

The whole prank was very well executed, thanks to the state of the art animatronics and the genius pranking skills of Seth Rogen.

Well done.

- Alana Meaney

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