What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Character

Find out what your Zodiac Sign reveals about your characteristics. Each sign has unique personality traits combined with strengths and weaknesses.

Do you take your morning Co-Star notifications as gospel? Or does the very mention of a Zodiac sign make you turn up your nose? Doesn't matter! Because even the hardcore nonbelievers can flip once they find out their Zodiac sign can actually reveal some pretty neat points about their characters. "But why do we want to know?," you might ask. Let us tell you. Understanding the positive characteristics associated with your Zodiac sign is a confidence booster, while also helping to isolate and overcome your negative ones... It can't hurt to take a look!

Horoscopes, Astrology & Zodiac signs are thousands of years old, but have ballooned into a massive modern industry thanks to their timeless quality. People vet dating partners and possible friends via their Zodiac sign, use them to make assumptions about celebrity behaviour, and make life decisions based on their astrologically-ordained traits. . There is a range of engagement with astrology – you really can read it for the purpose of shit-talking with friends, or make it the defining doctrine of your life. Either way, having some kind of sneak preview of the future is always interesting. Look up for your Zodiac sign and read below to see what it says about your character & life.


  • Symbol: The Ram
  • Element: Fire
  • Power Colour: Red
  • Compatible Signs: Aquarius, Leo & Sagittarius
  • Strengths: Leadership Qualities, Great Ideas, Self-Driven

As the first leading sign, Aries is the guiding light that leads its peers. Bursting with leadership qualities, Aries enjoys being a role model and taking the ownership of tasks thrown their way. They take up new adventures, challenges and experiences with excitement but just the same, they quickly get tired. Aries do so because they detest monotony; their wilful spontaneity drives them forward . They're advised to be watchful of it and see to the completion of whatever tasks they take upon.


  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Element: Earth
  • Power Colour:Green
  • Compatible Signs: Virgo, Capricorn & Pisces
  • Strengths: Solid, practical, reliable.

Taurus carry absolute clarity about what needs to be done and how in a particular situation. They have a realistic approach to life and remain unbreakable even during the most difficult challenges. If it is a loyal, trustworthy employee, partner or a friendship you are after, then you can trust a Taurus. However, on the contrary, they can also be somewhat stubborn & headstrong, forcing them to be resistant to change. While their strength is a strong, practical way of life, their reluctance to back down is a weak spot.


  • Symbol: Twins
  • Element: Air
  • Power Colour: Yellow
  • Compatible Signs: Libra, Aquarius & Aries
  • Strengths: Social, Friendly

Like the element of air, Gemini people love freedom, passion and charm. Talking is the one thing all Gemini stars love. It comes entangled with curiosity too. They seek knowledge, information and tend to be intelligent in their own ways. However, they should be careful not to let this information-seeking trait become a gossipy one. Otherwise, Geminis carry a pleasant, friendly, compromising personality with them. Their weakness merely lies with the jumpy nature that might create unnecessary stress and mood swings in others.


  • Symbol: Crab
  • Element: Water
  • Power Colour: White and Silver
  • Compatible Signs: Scorpio, Pisces & Taurus
  • Strengths: Loving and Caring Nature

Cancer is the most emotional sign of the bunch. People born under Cancer sign understand the feelings of people going through hardship and can instantly realise when someone needs support. This quality makes them nurturing, caring and innocent creatures. However, this same trait could be a weakness if they are not careful. Getting overly emotional, being clingy and possessive over people and objects are also Cancer traits – they often require an extra degree of self-control.


  • Symbol: Lion
  • Element: Fire
  • Power Colour: Gold
  • Compatible Signs: Sagittarius, Aries & Libra

  • Strengths: Bright, Charismatic, Lovable

Leo is everything a lion represents. Born to gain attention, reach stardom and become a role model,they glow with bubbly personalities. Apart from being creative, confident, and ambitious, they are also very generous – they will not think twice to help those in need. Despite this, they prefer to maintain a stable, loyal private life with a committed relationship and a close circle of friends. Their primary flaw is a resistance to criticism, and an intolerance toward being ignored.


  • Symbol: Young Maiden
  • Element: Earth
  • Power Colour: Green and Brown
  • Compatible Signs: Capricorn, Taurus & Cancer
  • Strengths: Helping Others, Dependable

Kings and queens of perfection, Virgo people have their own way of maintaining order and cleanliness. They often seek refinement in things they do –which might also be the downside to their characters. They don't mind being in the background and contributing to the larger cause; not getting the credit for the work they do is fine by them. This quality makes them great caregivers – however, their constant struggles to achieve perfection can make them stressed. This inevitably leads to them criticising their own imperfections and failures.


  • Symbol: Scales
  • Element: Air
  • Power Colour: Pink and Blue
  • Compatible Signs: Aquarius, Gemini & Leo
  • Strengths: Ability to make New Friends, Social

Libra is all about people and relationships. They hate being alone and hold on tight to all relationships they have –without which they possess no liveliness. Just as the symbol conveys, people born under Libra sign can maintain the perfect balance between logic and emotion. This makes them problem solvers and helps them avoid conflicts with commendable restraint. The fear of being alone and losing relationships is the biggest weakness of Libra. They would go to any length to make sure they retain their cultivated bonds.


  • Symbol: Scorpion
  • Element: Water
  • Power Colour: Black
  • Compatible Signs: Cancer, Pisces & Virgo

  • Strengths: Trustworthy, Loyal

The most secretive of them all. Scorpios carry many dark, deep hidden secrets with them and are often misunderstood due to their mysterious ways. You can trust a Scorpio with a secret and be sure it will not be out. In line with the water element, theyare free to move about and mark their presence everywhere. Scorpios are full of energy, compassion and emotion which might push them toward emotional extremes if you don't reciprocate the attention, love and loyalty they give you.


  • Symbol: Archer
  • Element: Fire
  • Power Colour: Purple
  • Compatible Signs: Aries,Leo & Libra
  • Strengths: Knowledge Seeking, Confident

Where there is humour, fun and harmless sarcasm, Sagittarius is there. They are commonly identified as free-spirited, easy-going, freedom-loving beings with a sharp desire for the good life. Those same qualities make them outdoors-y people with a need to seek knowledge through experiences. Sagittarius can be quite honest in what they have to convey, which may also be their biggest flaw – they often fail to think twice before speaking.


  • Symbol: Goat
  • Element: Earth
  • Power Colour: Brown and Grey
  • Compatible Signs: Virgo, Taurus & Scorpio
  • Strengths: Dedication and Discipline

Talk about workaholics. People born under Capricorn sign are highly goal-oriented and will march towards it under any circumstance. They take the whole Game of Life to another level and look for even the slightest opportunity to make the best of it. Their self-control and decision-making make them superb managers with a clear target. However, it also makes them somewhat ignorant of emotional values in life, which can be their biggest weakness.


  • Symbol: Water-bearer
  • Element: Air
  • Power Colour: Blue 
  • Compatible Signs: Libra, Gemini & Sagittarius
  • Strengths: Creative, Revolutionary

People born under Aquarius are caring, simple, shy and passionate thinkers. They enjoy helping others and become outgoing whenever the need to enliven a situation arises. They are the friends who will keep you from doing idiotic things and stand by you through heaven or hell. They are calm and intellectual. Their downside is not paying enough attention to themselves, as much as they do for others.


  • Symbol: Fish
  • Element: Water
  • Power Colour: Light Green
  • Compatible Signs: Cancer, Scorpio & Taurus
  • Strengths: Kindness, Deep Connections

The escapee of reality. Pisces are very compassionate beings who enjoy dwelling in fantasy. They have the ability to do anything to make another person happy by virtue of those fantasies, keeping harsh reality at bay. Pisces carry deep emotions within them and seek support from their relationships. Their weakness is being impractical and dreamy, allowing others to take advantage of their sensitive, trusting qualities. 

Now you can find out not only about your sign and characteristics but also about your friends', partner's and family members'. Use your power colour to bring out the best in you while checking compatible signs to see who will be your best friends or partners. Through this, you can embrace your strengths and be aware of weaknesses to live a confident, happy and guided life.

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