It Looks Like Nikita Dragun ‘Shooed’ Her Security Guard & Fans Aren't Impressed

Wow, give her a break you haters.

Is it time to give Nikita Dragun a break? 

Spare a thought for YouTuber Nikita Dragun; the woman is having a rough October. Earlier this month, she copped a flurry of criticism after posting a tweet that suggested a cavalier attitude to her history of ‘blackfishing’, and now… would you believe it? She’s now under fire for a video in which she looks to say ‘shoo’ to her security guard instead of asking him to move aside. Nik, we've all been there.

The video is from pre-COVID times in 2019, and shows the influencer posing for photographers at the launch of her brand Dragun Beauty. Though we’re not able to hear what she’s saying, it does appear as though Nikita 'shoos' her security guard so she could have more space to pose for photos. Judge for yourself: 

Fans and randoms are furious about the video with many accusing the YouTuber of elitism; not even making the effort to talk to the security guard as though he was a human rather than some sort of street pigeon. “Who does she think she is?” was a popular response.

Others thought she needed to get a grip on the fact she’s a YouTuber, not the Queen of Denmark.

This commenter rolled up with some inspiring words.

And this guy just got sad.

But do you know what WE think is sad? These calculated, unwavering attacks on YouTube celebrity Nikita Dragun, in relation to a video that’s clearly many years [checks notes] um, a year old. Like, it’s not really her fault that it looks like she’s treating her security guard like he’s a servant. As she explains in her video response to the backlash, that's on you and your innate prejudice against YouTube celebrity Nikita Dragun: 

Like Nikita says, people “see what they want to see” and are “obsessed” with this idea that she’s the “bad guy”. The words “people want me to be the bad guy so bad. It’s weird” even sat at the top of her Instagram story towards the end (a flourish that nailed the point down). Nik also alluded to being pure of heart. "People who know me, you know my heart and intentions are always pure" she said, reminding us of a certain Shane Dawson apology in which he mused: "I don't know who that person is anymore." 

Honestly, what kind of world is this? Where beauty influencers with a net worth of $3 million USD can’t dehumanise a a security guard (probably earning $7 USD an hour) without copping pushback? Where she can’t try on other ethnicities for kicks? Can’t people do anything anymore? 

I mean, it’s not like any of this could have been prevented in any way. What was she supposed to have done? Treated this man like a human? Not blackfished? Grow up. 

Honestly. I’ve always said this, but the levels of naivete out there among people who aren’t Nikita Dragun? Staggering. 

This op-ed was written, ironically, by Reena Gupta (tongue firmly in cheek). More of her hot takes on ill-considered celebrity apologies here.

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