Kanye West Just Announced He's Running For President & We’re Officially Done With 2020

His voter count sits at one: Elon Musk.

Kanye West: musician, designer, still-life extraordinaire; "slavery is a choice" commentator and MAGA hat-wearer, has announced he’s running for President this year. As if 2020 weren’t enough of a shitstorm already.

The rapper took to Twitter on the fourth of July – a contentious holiday for many Americans, especially at the moment – to officially announce he’s got his sights set on politics and will be running for the highest office in the world in this 2020 election. “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States!” He then added the hashtag #2020VISION, maybe a slogan he’ll continue to use as this clusterfuck goes on..?

Of course, Kanye has threatened to run for the USA’s top job a few times before – even at our very own VMAs a few years back – but this tweet is his most concrete assertion yet. If he goes ahead, Kanye will be squaring off against his (former, we’d guess now) pal Trump; who he previously called “Superman” in that incredibly painful and bizarre Oval Office meeting.

It’s also incredibly late to be announcing a 2020 Presidential bid, but it's not impossible. Reports have it that there are some states in which it is too late for West to add his name to the ballot, but he’ll still technically be able to join the race as an Independent in other state ballots.

Whether he actually goes through with running is still unknown, and all this could just be another headline grab to promote his new single, which dropped last week. Still, we wouldn't put it past him. Kim Kardashian also retweeted his original tweet with an American flag emoji, which kinda implies that this whole thing isn't just some horrible joke, but a very unfortunate real-life nightmare. We are officially living in a dystopian novel. 

So far his vote count sits at one: Elon Musk.

Main Image Credit: Twitter @kanyewest 

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