Ashton Irwin Explains Why 5SOS Love Wearing Makeup


With 5 Seconds Of Summer back on the road, we're not only witnessing a brand new era of their music but a slightly different side to their personalities when it comes to getting out on stage in front of the fans. 

As part of that, 5SOS have noticeably been embracing a slightly more glam aesthetic, which increasingly sees them painting their nails and adding glitter to their faces - and now drummer Ashton Irwin has shared a few wise words on why this pre-show ritual often associated more typically with female performers is just as important to them as guys. 

You only have to consider glam rock to know that men in music wearing makeup isn't a new thing, but it's still interesting to see more and more male performers incorporating a more fluid approach to grooming into their performance.

It goes without saying that most male celebs get their hair styled and will likely wear skin perfecting products like foundation to be on camera - shout out to Daniel Kaluuya for wearing Fenty Beauty to the Oscars - but there's also something to be said for those men in the spotlight who are stepping even further from traditional gender roles by speaking up about how more visible makeup can play a major role in the art of their performance.

Wearing nail polish isn't a new thing for 5SOS but after two years away in the studio writing upcoming third album Youngblood, it's also interesting to see that since hitting the road and beginning to play the new songs, they are showing off not just an evolution in sound but also in how they present themselves - sparkly eyeshadow and colourful nails included. 

Taking to Instagram to talk a little about this, drummer Ashton Irwin explains: "We wear glitter a lot, it empowers the character’s we portray onstage, it represents a softness, and is a powerful addition to confidence. 

"It feels like an extension of expression," he adds. 

Naturally 5SOS fans are totally here for GlitterSOS and have a lot to say about the effect this fluid approach to all things makeup is having on their own personal confidence: 

Because at the end of the day, putting makeup on to feel confident and express who you are on stage isn't all that different to putting on makeup to feel confident and express who you are IRL.

And just like with women, if we give men space to step away from the stifling expectation of gender roles, it feels pretty hopeful that we're all going to be better off as a whole.

- Linds Foley

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