This Hilarious Short Film Starring James Franco & Seth Rogen Was Directed By High School Students


James Franco & Seth Rogen have teamed up (once again) for a new movie, but it's not what you think.

The dream team's latest project is a short film directed by high school kids.

Rogen recurited a number of his famous pals to appear in the short film, in cooperation with his newly-founded charitable organization 'And Action!' – which was co-founded Evan Goldberg (Preacher).

Yeah, we're only slightly bitter we never got to work with any a-list actors when we were at school...

Watch 'Dumpster Diving' below (via THR):

Rogen and Goldberg - who wrote the first draft of Superbad when they were at high school - are offering other students the chance to work with Hollywood stars to create short flicks about a social issue of their choosing.

Pretty neat, ay? You can read more about the project here.

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