Mallrat's 'Rockstar' is the best song she's ever made

Her new single is a tantalising taste of songs to come.

Her new single is a tantalising taste of songs to come.

The rise of Mallrat has been fascinating to watch. Her dreamy lyrics have a sense of child-like wonder and optimism, seemingly unjaded by the bleakness that exists in the world. These lyrics are almost always coupled with sunlit and breezy melodies as she floats on her magic carpet, singing of unbound love in the mundaneness of suburban Australian life. Her songwriting takes those inconsequential parts of our lives, whatever they may be, and turns them into full-fledged adventures, with her eye always glistening towards what comes around the corner. 

But, at some point, the magic carpet ride has to end and Mallrat has to be bitter, bruised and heartbroken. That’s just life. How does Mallrat document that into a song? She promises to rebuild even stronger, and that’s what her new track “Rockstar” is all about.

Fuck you for playing games with my heart/And keeping me in the dark, I loved you right from the start,” she sings in the pre-chorus, pain and sadness falling out of her. She feels tricked into thinking her airborne journey would last a lifetime, and now it’s come crashing down.

But, ever the optimist, Mallrat picks herself up, dusts herself off and dreams about the life ahead. “Maybe when I’ve won all the GRAMMYs/And I’ve got my own family/I’ll forget all about you one day”, she sings on the chorus over fuzzed out, lo-fi guitars. The wonder and hope is still there, as it always is, but now it feels more powerful and more real. She remains focused on the future even though her present is grim.

Her dreams serve as manifestations of her future successes, leaving you no choice but to believe that these things are her destiny. She lays there bruised, but she’s still looking at the sky, not letting her sadness limit her. The closing 20 seconds of the song – crunchy, experimental, distorted – feel like a foreshadowing transition. It feels like Mallrat is leaving her old self behind now her armour has been chinked, and we best brace ourselves for what’s coming next. “Rockstar” is the best song she’s ever made, but it doesn’t feel like it’ll stay that way for much longer.

Watch Mallrat's music video for her new single, "Rockstar", here...

Main Image Credit: Twitter, Mallrat @lilmallrat

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