Jeffree Star's Pivot To Yak Farming Is Officially Underway

Jeffree Star just listed his mega-mansion for a cool $20 million USD, meaning he will be swapping Calabasas for a yak farm very soon.

A few months ago, Jeffree Star announced to the world (in a 25-minute video) that he would be leaving California for the first time.

He announced that the decision was partly due to a need to get away from the dramatic beauty YouTube community, which spiralled into toxicity, particularly in 2020. I mean, Jeffree Star played a very sizable role in that toxicity, but whatever.

He’s apparently moved on from the whole YouTube community, except for [huge disgusted sigh] Shane Dawson.

The problematic YouTuber announced the decision to leave California was “astronomically hard”, but was starting to feel lonely in that huge mansion. “Being in this big house is really lonely. I’m just one person,” Jeffree Star said, reflecting on his break-up with Nathan Schwandt.

The move is now official, with Star listing his extremely lavish and over-the-top mega-mansion for sale – which you can nab for just $20 million USD.

Star was only in the house for just over a year, after he made the move from his Barbie dream house, also based in LA.

The listing really makes me appreciate my humble sharehouse, because honestly  – who needs all that space? It’s a 19,549 square foot spot in the exclusive Hidden Hills neighbourhood, which is home to celebs like the Kardashians. 

It’s nearly three acres with a garage for ten cars (who has ten cars?), a two-storey gym (sorry?), a wine tasting room, a 5400-square-foot hair and make-up room (pardon?), and two guest houses. It even boasts a spa and an arcade, because… rich people.

What’s he trading for all this glitz and glam? A humble yak farm in Casper, Wyoming. As in, Tibetan yaks. 

It’s the classic controversial make-up mogul to Yak farmer pivot. 2021 is weird.

Check out photos of the huge mansion Star is leaving for dead right here

Words and interview by Dani Leever, writer and homosexual pop culture enthusiast. Find their words at @danileever or catch their gay DJ drag adventures at @djgaydad.

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