Hey All You Cool Cats & Kittens: ‘Tiger King’ Has Been Dethroned From Number One On Netflix


Honestly, we never thought the day would come that Joe Exotic would topple from his Netflix-mania throne. But alas, it’s here.

Tiger King no longer holds the number one spot across Netflix US, and its successor is very surprising!

We mourn the reign of our beloved mullet king and hail the new sovereign of… ‘Despicable Me’.

Okay all you cool cats and kittens, who be binging on a bit of Gru right now?

Tiger King took the world by storm with its “you can’t script this sh*t” docu-series of big cat breeders and a murder-for-hire plot line that goes bonkers.

Data released by Nielsen yesterday (April 17) shows that the world ~frothed~ the King in iso, racking up over 5.3 billion streamed minutes of the show over the week of March 23 – 29. FYI, the show launched on March 20.

In fact, 34 million individual users watched the Joe Exotic drama unfold in the first ten days of release.

The show’s record streak of 25 days at the top of the US streaming heap is over and replaced by Minions. Who would have thought?

It still holds court in Australia though, because what Aussie doesn’t love watching a little bit of that wild American drama and drawl.

- Tait McGregor

Main Image Credit: Netflix

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