Jeffree Star Reportedly Asked A Fan For Help Deleting Over 400 Of His Old Problematic Tweets, Which Included Jokes About Rape

A new report from Insider claims Jeffree Star asked a fan to help him identify and delete 400 old tweets, in which Star had joked about “rape” and, separately, about having sex with straight men.

A new report claims Jeffree Star asked a fan to help him identify and delete 400 problematic old tweets.

Beauty YouTuber Jeffrey Star's latest controversy: according to a new report from US publication Insider, he asked a fan to help him delete 400 of his old tweets that apparently saw him joking about “rape” and, separately, about having sex with straight men. The request came a day after Star had accused fellow YouTuber James Charles of being a “predator”

Insider is reporting they’ve seen the series of messages between Star and the former fan, in which the fan appears to be helping Star identify which tweets to delete. In the messages, Star reportedly promises – but later reneges on – tickets to one of his masterclass events. “Insider was able to confirm the identity of the former fan, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of professional repercussions, through his verified accounts,” the publication wrote.

According to Insider, the former fan had shown them the since-deleted tweets that showed Star bragging about his sexual conquests with straight men, sexualising a straight minor and joking about wanting to be “raped” by straight men.  

Earlier this month, a bombshell article published by Insider, the result of a months-long investigation, had seen several people accuse Star of physical and sexual abuse, among other disturbing allegations.You can read all about the exact allegations here, but, in a nutshell, Star was accused of groping men around him without consent, with other sources claiming they’d personally seen him using a close range stun gun or other tasing device to “hurt and intimidate people around him”.

The investigation also dug into an incident allegedly involving a homeless teen who’d reportedly rejected Star’s advances in a movie theatre and was later tasered by him. Star’s lawyer had denied all allegations. 

As Star had previously accused James Charles of being a “sexual predator”, many of Star’s fans said this new info showed him to be a “massive hypocrite”.

“And he was calling James Charles a predator for just hitting on straight boys while he was committing serious sexual assault?” one Reddit user had written. “So aaaaaaalll this time he was trying to frame James Charles (he has his issues, but...) and here he is,” another had added.

Allegations of sexual assault against Jeffree Star. from r/BeautyGuruChatter

Fans and critics alike have been waiting for Jeffree Star to address these disturbing allegations since the report first broke. Instead, Star waited nearly two weeks before dropping a new YouTube video that he’d teased he was “scared” to release, but was anyway because he knew “it’s time”.

The video, called "I’m NEVER Dating Again.. We Need To Talk", had included a series of headlines – from assertions that the YouTuber had COVID in February, to house renovation updates, his dog having cancer and, of course, his messy breakup with basketball star André Marhold. Basically, everything but a response to the fact he'd been accused of some very serious crimes that, if he's proven to be guilty of, could land him in jail. 

We'll keep you across this story as it develops.

If you have experienced sexual violence and are in need of crisis support, please call Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia (1800 respect) or Lifeline Australia (13 11 14).

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