Jeffree Star Drops First YouTube Video In A Month, Addressing André Marhold Drama & Avoiding Abuse Allegations

Jeffree Star is back on YouTube, and it's like the abuse allegations against him never happened.

Watching Jeffree Star's latest (24-minute long) YouTube video, you'd never know that the sexual and physical abuse allegations, made against the superstar online celebrity just over a week ago, ever happened. 

Talk about an elephant in the room.

After a month away from YouTube, Jeffree Star has dropped a new video on the platform, addressing exactly zero of the allegations made against him in the bombshell Insider article published just a week and a half ago.

The report, the result of a months-long investigation by the publication, had seen several people accuse the YouTuber of sexual and physical abuse, among other disturbing allegations including using legal tactics to silence alleged victims and the existence of supposed “hush money” offers. Jeffree's lawyer has denied all the allegations laid out in the Insider report.

Naturally, viewers thought the video might address these incredibly alarming allegations. Instead, Star's latest video included a series of distracting headlines – from assertions that the YouTuber had COVID in February, to house renovation updates, his dog having cancer and, of course, his messy breakup with basketball star André Marhold.

The whole Marhold saga began when Star went public with the new relationship, sharing a racy Instagram photo of the two of them together. Soon after, it appeared that they’d already split when Jeffree publicly accused Andre of stealing from him.

“Hey! Since you can’t answer the phone right now, can you give me all the stuff back that you stole from my house?” he’d written in a since-deleted Instagram comment. “What kind of lowlife fucking scum does that? Give it back! If you need a return label just ask.” The comment apparently then prompted a heap of social media accounts (claiming to belong to Andre) to taunt Jeffree by sharing photos of various medical prescriptions.

Now, in Jeffree’s new YouTube video, he explained that these accounts were fake, and that the police were now involved and had in fact found the culprit. (Keep in mind, several incidents have shown that Star has a somewhat warped relationship with the truth, and cultivating more drama around this split by addressing these social accounts could be seen as being in Star's best interests, given the seriousness of the aforementioned allegations.)

“The last few weeks have been a really crazy whirlwind,” he said. “I was recently hanging out with someone, some would call it dating, some would call it fucking … and I was hanging out with someone, we’re not hanging out anymore, there was a lot of online activity about it, and long story short, a random person made a fake account of Andre, and proceeded to make up a bunch of crazy stuff about me for like … we’re going on like a week-plus now.”

He continued: “Now I get it, it’s my job, it’s what I signed up for, but to hear crazy rumours about ‘Jeffree does meth, Jeffree has AIDS, Jeffree does this, Jeffree does that’, I was like, what the actual fuck? Wow.”

“In the meantime, I’m over here at home, running my business dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety about my mom and my dogs that we’re about to get into all that for a minute, but the internet is a little cuckoo this year.”

We're no public relations experts, but this does seem like it could be a calculated move by Jeffree to distract the public from the abuse allegations. With a subscriber count of 17.1 million, Star wields a huge amount of power in changing the conversation to be in his favour. Whether these very serious allegations will in any way affect the YouTuber and his fanbase (and therefore, his ability to make money) is very much unknown right now. We doubt they will be addressed by Star. 

Watch Jeffree Star's latest YouTube video, "I’m NEVER Dating Again.. We Need To Talk." here:

If you have experienced sexual violence and are in need of crisis support, please call Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia (1800 respect) or Lifeline Australia (13 11 14).

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