A Definitive List Of The Best & Worst Aussie Reality TV Couples


We're just going to put it out there... nobody does reality TV romances like us Aussies.

From fairytale love stories blossoming unexpectedly on the dancefloor to absolute trainwreck trysts on tropical islands, there's been enough real world relationship drams filling our screens over the past decade (or so) to give us serious heart palpitations.

Some couples got their happily ever after, while others just scored their 15 minutes of fame (or infamy, depending on how you look at it) but all of them taught us a little something about ourselves in the process, and for that, we thank them.

Please enjoy our definitive list of the best & worst Aussie reality TV couples of all time.

The Best

Sam and Snezana Wood

These cuties found love on the 2015 season of The Bachelor and are now expecting their second bub together, after welcoming daughter Willow back in October 2017. Bless!

Matty J & Laura Byrne

From Bachelor sweethearts to parents-to-be, Matty and Laura's love story is one for the reality TV hall of fame. They're been together for 18 months since meeting on the 2017 series and are clearly more in love than ever, currently expecting their first little bundle of joy!

Georgia Love & Lee Elliot

After meeting on The Bachelorette in 2016 (ICYMI their iconic first encounter involved a donkey), Georgia and Lee have had a storybook romance and recently took the big step of moving in together.

Tim Robards & Anna Heinrich

This genetically blessed pair captured our hearts on the first ever Aussie series of The Bachie back in 2013 and are still going strong six years later, with plans to start a family!

Carly Bowyer & Troy Delmege

Despite rumours of a split, these MAFS stars have since proclaimed that they're "in this for the long haul", with marriage and a family both on the cards. Also, just FYI, Troy is no longer a virgin!

Rachael Finch & Mark Miziner

Since meeting on Dancing With The Stars, Rachael and Michael have been married five years and still do nearly everything together, including running their own business and wrangling two kids! Straight up #couplegoals right there

Lauren Brant & Barry Hall

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! power couple of former Hi-5 star Lauren Brant and AFL legend Barry Hall are cute as hell and going stronger than ever, currently expecting their 2nd bub!

Elyse Knowles & Josh Barker

A year on from taking out The Block with her beau, Elyse says she'd be happy to have a baby right now if it wasn't for her modelling career. But it's definitely on the cards for their future!

Mark Wales & Samantha Gash

Aussie Survivor contestants Mark Wales and Samantha Gash may not have walked away with the $500K prize money, but they did walk away madly in love. The couple, who starred on the show in 2017, recently announced their engagement!


Millie Fuller and Mark O'Dare

The Love Island Australia sweethearts have moved in together since falling in love on the show last year!

Amelia Marni and Josh Moss 

These baes are of the only remaining couples still standing from Love Island Australia season 1 and despite their occasional photoshop fails (see Amelia's one-legged pic below lol), we love watching their romance continue to blossom on social media

Dom Thomas & Tayla Damir

These Love Island Australia lovebirds took their friendship to the next level after Tayla split with her ex-flame Grant Crapp, just two weeks after they won the $50K prize money (more on Grant & Tayla below)

The Worst

Sam Cochrane & Tara Pavlovic

These Bachelor In Paradise stars thought they'd found love on the series and even got engaged... until the sh*t hit the fan. They had a very messy and very publicly split, which saw them hurl accusations of abuse at each other and Sam even threaten legal action against Tara. Hardly the stuff of fairytales!

Keira Maguire & Jarrod Woodgate

This Bachelor In Paradise pair have been on-again and off-again and we can't keep up!

Jess Hardy & Nathan ‘Marty’ Martin

This one has us flashing back all the way to 2002. Reality TV was still in its infancy and inside the Big Brother house, the budding season 2 romance between Marty & Jess captured the hearts of the nation. The "country couple" tied the knot two years later in a spin-off reality TV series entitled Marty & Jess: An Outback Wedding, but divorced again just 15 months later (that part, thankfully, was not televised).

Blake Garvey & Louise Pillidge

As far as love stories go, the beginning of this one should have been enough to alert everyone involved that it probably wasn't going to work out. Louise wasn't Blake's first choice bae onThe Bachelor, she wasn't even his second. Technically the second runner-up, Louise's post-Bachie relationship with Blake unsurprisingly didn't manage to go the distance.

Tully Smyth & Anthony Drew

Back in 2013, their relationship inside the Big Brother house copped the wrath of the nation. Why? Because it was the product of Tully cheating on her then-longterm girlfriend, Tahlia Farrant. Pretty much a surefire way to doom any relationship before it even begins.

Ines Basic & Bronson Norrish

Oh what can we say about this MAFS pair? From the painfully awkward moment they first met at the altar to their cringey honeymoon (which ICYMI Bronson spent sleeping on the couch) and beyond, their relationship was a total trainwreck and we could NOT LOOK AWAY.

Elizabeth Sobinoff & Sam Ball

Also learning the hard way that marrying a complete stranger isn't all it's cracked up to be was MAFS Australia's Elizabeth Sobinoff. Her TV marriage to Sam was tumultuous and culminated when he spectacularly booted her out of her hotel room after secretly "cheating" on her with Ines Basic. Messy!

Grant Crapp & Tayla Damir

The Love Island Australia 2018 winners split soon after taking out the prize money, with Grant swiftly hooking back up with his real life ex-not-ex Lucy. The stars also threw plenty of shade at each other on social media as well, leaving our hearts firmly in the bin  💔💔💔

Eden Dally & Erin Barnett

These Love Island lovebirds' onscreen fairytale also ended in a real life dumpster fire, with the pair hitting splitsville amid claims of cheating and allegations of physical abuse. Yuck!

Sophie Monk & Stu Laundy

The Bardot Bachelorette thought she'd found her Prince Charming in this millionaire publican, but the relationship ended abruptly after the series wrapped when poor Soph found out she'd been dumped... via Instagram! Ouch!

Nick Cummins and … no one 

In a bombshell plot twist, the Honey Bachelor dumped both Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley in the show's 2018 grand finale. We're all for loving yourself, but as this is a countdown all about couples, Nick's surprise solo act get's pole position down here on the sh*t list.

- Emmy Mack

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