James Charles Responds To Accusations He Copied Another Brand's Designs For Sisters Apparel Hoodies

Another week, another James Charles drama.

And the James Charles 2020 controversies continue.

Last month, the beauty YouTuber had separate beef with both Alicia Keys and Lauren Conrad, first taking a swipe at Alicia’s skincare line and then, a few weeks later, at Lauren’s cosmetics brand. And now, James has been accused of ripping off another YouTuber’s brand.

It all began when James teased his new merch ­– a loungewear line featuring pastel, 80s-inspired colour blocking ­– for his brand Sisters Apparel on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and at meet-and-greets.

The clothing caught the eye of Ethan Klein, co-founder of streetwear brand Teddy Fresh, part of H3H3 Productions, who picked up that James’ new hoodie designs looked a lot like his wife, Hila's design, for their brand. He went on to tell James as much. Unimpressed with James’ response, Ethan then decided to take to Twitter to tell all.

“I know we didn't invent colorblocking but I'm having a hard time w the new james charles merch, it's the same exact design as Hila's," Ethan wrote. "Combined with the fact that his audience is so huge, many people will assume he designed it and start accusing us of plagarism. What do you think? It's possible it's all a totally cosmic coincidence but he used pretty much the identical colors here too, he at least moved em around a little bit.”

James hit back: "When you DM'd me yesterday, I sent you the original photo that inspired my collection, explained I've never seen your brand, but also asked what you wanted me to do... You didn't reply," said James. "After last year, I vowed to keep conversations private and create solutions, not drama."

In a separate tweet, he added: "@h3h3productions If you'd like to continue our conversation and find a solution, my DMs are still open!"

To be fair, as one commenter pointed out, Googling “pastel colour block hoodie” does bring up some hoodies from Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Nike that all feel in a similar vein to James Charles’ new Sisters Apparel designs. 

But back to the tweets. James said he wanted to work with Ethan to "find a solution". Sounds helpful enough. Interesting, then, that in actual fact he supposedly told Ethan he saw the resemblance, but that there was "nothing I can do". Receipts below.

So... from the looks of the texts, all signs point to another designer being shortchanged, with no resolution. It's nothing new (see: everything Diet Prada), but if true, it sucks. Watch this space for any more developments.

Main Image Credit: Twitter

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