Pressing Questions With Slayyyter

We accost pop singer Slayyyter with a medley of life’s most pressing questions.

In the ever-infinite junkspace of the internet, no trend ever feels completely new. Instead, they are always refurbishments, revamps or even rehashes of fads that came before. There are some artists that wade through aesthetics and sonic motifs at breakneck speed, clinging to whatever trend is getting radio play and playlisted. Then, there’s Slayyyter – who makes no secret of her love of trashy noughties bubblegum pop, and instead of shying away from it, delivers music that sees the hot pink, sour candy-core of Y2K turned up to the tenth power.

Finding clear influences from both SOPHIE and Britney Spears, Slayyyter’s music is fearless and freeing, with a jagged, undercutting edge to balance it out. Her debut album Troubled Paradise, is music made for the club in all its iterations. Whether you're clutching vodka cruisers dancing to a DJ who quickly googled Spotify’s Top 50 before his set, or you're sweating so much at an underground rave your make-up has melted off – Slayyyter has the tunes for you.

While her social media presence is what can be called truly iconic, fans might not know all the inner workings of Catherine Slater’s wonderland of a mind. So, MTV Australia gave Slayyyter some pressing questions, and she gave a small insight into her world – from LGBTQIA+ rights and Madonna to how she’s feeling about her hair.

What is the meaning of life?

Living, serving c*nt and then dying.

Something COVID taught you

Alone time is a luxury.

Last movie you watched

The Wizard Of Oz.

Best advice you’ve received

It's not about who does it first, it's about who does it better.

Someone you really admire


How do you feel about your hair?

Ready for its next era.

Describe yourself in three words

Underground pop icon.

One person or thing you think is underrated


Would you rather travel 100 years to the past or the future?

I’d stay right where I am!

Nature or nurture?


What do you doubt most?

What my purpose in music is.

Daily ritual you couldn't live without

Drinking a cold brew, right when I wake up.

How are you at 8am?

I’m pretty tired and groggy until I do my morning stretches and get a coffee.

Something you're passionate about?

LGBTQIA+ rights.

Tell us about your music in a sentence

Pop music acid trip.

Slayyyter’s debut album ‘Troubled Paradise’ is out now.

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